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* Leo-17


Degree Angel: Damabiah (da-MA-bee-YAH) Fear of God, Fountain of Wisdom, Manifesting/Sensitive




Omega Symbol: A giant squid sleeping in the ocean depths.


You need to go your own way and be your own person. Retreating into your interior life strengthens and nourishes you. You need to let go of feelings of alienation and embrace your uniqueness, which can be quite extreme. You have a tremendous amount to offer the world, but you need to find your own way to give it, and it needs to be given on your terms, not the world’s.


Pleiadian Symbol: Elaborate polyphonic music which seems to come from many different places at once.


Realization of how the whole of reality correlates and harmonizes with itself – so that one eventually realizes one’s own natural element is everywhere. The music, as it comes from many different places at once, creates an aura – an atmosphere, just as the black ladies of the Chandra Symbol generate their own potent and mysterious atmosphere.


Chandra Symbol: Elegant black ladies sitting on a porch and fanning themselves.


The stately quality of this symbol seems like an exact opposite to the primal creature of the Omega Symbol. But within the black ladies lurk the mysterious and eternal female – the cosmic mother. They are hidden in the culture of their elegance just as the giant squid is hidden in the ocean depths. Refinement is their element, just as the sea is its element.


This symbol is about seeing through and beyond the outer. It is about returning to the true and real core of self, while being able to navigate the superficialities and trivialities of social, political and cultural realms. The giant squid is in its own domain, where it can be itself and thrive. The ladies may be in a difficult and hostile environment, but they carry their own domain and power within them and stay in tune with it, in spite of all outer appearances.


Azoth Symbol: As people tend to look beyond shadows, lights begin to come out of their eyes.


Overcoming the illusions of outer darkness by allowing one’s own inner light to shine forth and bring clarity to life.  When outer opportunities seem limited and restrictive this degree has the ability to seek out new possibilities through shifting its focus to its intuitive perceptions and allowing the flow of inspiration to guide it.


Seed Degree: Libra – 17


The unwrapping of a mummy. (Omega symbol). Seeking to unravel the mysteries of our inner selves we encounter that great, hidden psychic self inside that has forever been living a life of its own which has been only vaguely known to our conscious minds.


A very bored woman who is listening but falling asleep. (Chandra Symbol). Needing to retreat from the demands and compulsions of the outer world we come into the center of our personal power.


Fulfillment Degree: Leo – 12


In the basement of a house a secret escape tunnel. (Omega symbol). Yearning for those deep interior spaces where one can fully be oneself, one finds the means to get away, when needed, from the routines and restrictions of mundane existence.


The mouth of the Amazon River. (Chandra Symbol). We affirm the beauty of our own natures, not for the sake of being separate, but as a means, ultimately of merging with universal consciousness.


Omega Oracle


To dream deep, under countless tons of water, under storms raging above, to dream through silent earthquakes which moved through him like a caress. And occasionally to feel a shipwreck brush by him, sinking to the floor of the sea like a leaf dying in autumn.


He was grateful for the few moonbeams persistent enough to make the journey to his home, and welcomed the dreams of those wandering above that sometimes found their way to him in the night.


All in all, leading the mythological life was a profoundly quiet joy.

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