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d167 150 150 John Sandbach

Virgo 17. A scientist discovers the secret of time travel. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: MELAHEL (MAY-la-HEL) Sharing the Flame, Healing Capacity)


Your mind is freed from the rigid limits imposed by process, so that ultimately you’re able to go back and change anything.   You can see beyond the accepted and ordinary and by doing so gain a very broad perspective on existence. People, though, can be quite attached to limits, because boundaries make them feel safe. So you need to be careful about when, where and how you share what you know – so that it does the most good.  Your power lies in being able to find alternate pathways to the solution of any problem.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “An old bald woman talking to her dog.” The woman’s baldness signifies a mind freed from rational thought. She communicates with her dog through pure instinct, and receive back the dog’s messages. In the past, when a little girl, she had the instinctive nature of the dog, which became later overlaid with intellect and objectivity, which has now faded away, returning her to her former state and allowing her to recontact her own animal nature directly. This is, in essence a sort of time travel – returning to the past in the future.

This degree is about reconnecting with the ground of one’s being, and communing with one’s source. Doing so creates a clearer perception of the way one has developed and the course that’s been taken. It is a way of both assessing and grounding one’s overall evolution.

Unfortunately the insights of this degree may be denigrated, scoffed at, or trivialized by others and this can result in a lack of trust in the value of one’s own instincts. A naked simplicity of thought may in the end come to be realized as great profundity.

Pleiadian Symbol: Lava, as it flows into the sea, is creating new land.  The spontaneous solidifying of creative impulses into tangible manifestations.

Azoth Symbol: In the far north, sailors come to an uninhabited island that is strangely warm. Even in the midst of hostile or unsupportive circumstances one finds and shares with others places that are inviting and nurturing. This eases the difficulties of one’s spiritual journey.

Seed degree: Libra 18. Waking in the night, a man feels an earthquake. (Omega Symbol). A deep intuitive awareness of the subtle shifts going on in the collective reality allows one to perceive the bigger patterns at work in life, and the ways they might be changed for the better.

A woman carefully counting the beans in a jar. (Chandra Symbol). Knowing that those facts which may seem unimportant to others could be meaningful to the self, we set up a rapport with those beings and energies with which we feel a heart connection.

Fulfillment degree: Aquarius 14. During the rain, a bird is heard singing. (Omega Symbol). Understanding more and more deeply the workings of process as it unfolds through our evolution, we sense the joy of growth even in the midst of seeming sorrows.

In a pyramid a dark passageway filled with scorpions. (Chandra Symbol). Engaging in open-minded rapport with our animal self, we are drawn to those places within whose power needs to be integrated into our wholeness.


It is not a machine that one needs so as to move at will through time, but only a realization. When we came here we promised to obey certain rules, one of them being that we would all move through time at the same time together – in a polite and orderly fashion. To break such a promise is well nigh impossible for most, for it would inevitably give rise to unendurable horror and guilt, that is, if one were to do it before moving through the doors of death first.

Actually, all this observation of protocol and strictness in adhering to rules is unnecessary, if one can simply do it in a silent, graceful manner, and preferably rather sharply, like a needle moving through a tapestry.

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