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Virgo – 16


Degree Angel: YEIAYEL (YAY-ah-YEL) Stop Fatal Attraction, Fame, Renown, Manifesting/Experimental




Omega Symbol: A woman cutting the thorns off roses.


You do whatever you can to make life easier and safer, both for yourself and others.  You see what stands between a person and the fulfillment of their desires, and then try to remove these obstructions. Such work can be difficult and even hazardous.  Sometimes if might be better if people did their own work – which is something for you to always keep in mind.  And sometimes what seems negative is actually serving an important purpose.


Pleiadian Symbol: An old monkey sitting on the steps of an abandoned temple.


You bear innate wisdom which is naturally in tune with long-forgotten or abandoned manifestations of truth, though you may not even be consciously aware of this.  You allow yourself to be yourself, and this is a plain and simple form of spiritual discipline.


Chandra Symbol: A jar of camphor crystals.


Camphor is used homeopathically to clear the vibrations of other substances.  It burns with a white flame, and negates negative energy, just as the woman of the Omega Symbol is attempting to clear the dangerous sharpness of the rose stems.  To want to do these clearings and cleanings is high-minded, but the possible difficulty of doing so is that you might negate or clear away an experience that is needed or that has some value that, once it is denied will be missed.  And, of course, if it is something the soul needs it will just keep coming back over and over until it is addressed and assimilated.  So the key here is to use this power of purification cautiously and wisely.


Azoth Symbol: The sun leeching oil from rose petals into water.


The fire of your intent can generate love and healing in your emotional body.  You can patiently focus on and concentrate your love and positive energy, so that over time it manifests a powerful and pervasive healing effect.


Seed Degree: Libra – 6


On a long voyage many icebergs encountered. (Omega symbol). Steering our way through life’s dangers and obstructions, we learn how to soften everything so that love becomes increasingly accessible.


A baby with two sets of teeth. (Chandra Symbol). Becoming aware of whatever we need, both inwardly and outwardly to further our growth we learn to clear away all that which is extraneous or superfluous so that the truths of spiritual reality are more perceivable.


Fulfillment Degree: Capricorn – 14


A woman restoring an ancient textile. (Omega Symbol). Softening all that which is sharp in life allows us then to carry out the sensitive and delicate work of restoring our vision of spiritual reality.


Beads carved from human bone. (Chandra Symbol). The intensity of our connection to the light wards off all negativity, and allows us to carry the thought of death in our being in a way that is encouraging and supportive.


Omega Oracle


Sages had argued for centuries about the true nature of rose thorns. Some say they have evolved for the purpose of protection, others that the thorns were actually parasites that grew on the rose stems and could not possibly be an actual part of the roses. For roses are the flowers of love, they reasoned, and how could love have anything to do with a thorn?


The truth is that the thorns are an actual part of the rose, though the rose’s motive for having them is quite innocent. The flowers are seeking to snag a few drops of blood that might fall to earth now and then, so as to nourish their roots.


Azoth Oracle


The Perfumer Natar Daresh is famous for her rose oil, which she extracts herself.  When I happened to be in the region of Yeldith where she lives I went to visit her so that I could tell her how much I enjoy here marvelous fragrances and thought that I might ask her as well if I could be allowed to see of how she works.


Her cottage was small and neatly kept, with a beautifully cultivated flower garden adjacent to it.  I was surprised at how few roses she grew and asked her where the other fields where whose roses she harvested.


“All the roses I need are right here,” she said, smiling.


“But people all over Aab use your rose oil, and I know that it take many pounds of rose petals to yield even a few drops of oil.”


“I learned my art from my mother,” she said, “and she from her mother, and so on backward through many generations.  We have always used these same rose bushes, which are quite ancient.  Their roots grow deep, and their oil is potent and we have learned the secrets of the sun to help us in our work.”


“And might I ask what secrets those are?” I inquired.


“They are not easy to explain in words,” said Natar, “I only know that roses are the flower of love, and that love is a very precious thing.  People think because it is precious it is scarce, and many feel the lack of it.  But the Sun has told me that what generates love is generosity, and what allows us to be generous is to realize that we lack nothing.  Whatever you ask for shall be given, and if you ask with a generous spirit the universe will respond with a generous spirit.  I ask my roses to provide me oil, and they do so lavishly.  Why?  Because generosity has taught me to ask only a humble price for my distillations.”

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