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d16-2 150 150 John Sandbach

* Aries-16


Degree Angel: HAKAMIAH (he-KE-mee-YAH) Dumping Depression, Loyalty, Manifesting/Experimental




Omega Symbol: To rejuvenate himself, a man is partially buried in the earth.


You’re able to connect to earthly existence in a direct, full manner. When things have become too confusing, complicated, or too lost in realms of speculation and fantasy you know how to reground back into physical reality. Through your intense and periodic reconnection with the physical world you renew yourself and those that you touch.


Pleiadian Symbol: The spirits of gems rising out of the ground at dusk.


You can summon forth from the common and ordinary the great beauty and wonder that is hidden there.  You know that things aren’t what they seem and that much that is precious lies concealed in the everyday world around us.  You have the power to reveal this to others.


Chandra Symbol: Three sculptured birds: one black marble, one white marble, one solid gold.


Fullness and completeness of thinking (the Chandra Symbol’s three birds) can only reach its full potency when there is a complete grounding of the mind. To say it another way, contact with the earth realm provides the mind with a laboratory, a place to grow and experiment and to see how thoughts and concepts play out. This is the essence of alchemy -rejuvenation through repeated immersion in the physical (“… buried in the earth”), experiencing consequent cycles of death and rebirth until oneness with the light is attained..


Azoth Symbol: Warmth and love spreading both ways from a handshake.


Seemingly casual connection becoming a vehicle for deep love and intimacy.  In exceedingly small sparks of caring and affection are concealed powerful fires of healing, and it is simply the recognition of these that activates them.


Seed Degree: Libra – 1


An apothecary shop in which herbal concoctions and other medicines appear as needed. (Omega Symbol). Realizing many different ways in which all situations can be furthered and harmonized creates in one a desire to apply those ways directly to the physical world.


A group of fat Italian ladies preparing bread. (Chandra Symbol). When we receive the nurturing we need form earth, we are then ready to soar like birds.


Fulfillment Degree: Cancer – 2


A man with no navel. (Omega Symbol). When one relates to the whole array of earth energies one transcends any specifically limited needs for earth connection.


A bunch of iron keys. (Chandra Symbol). To soar freely and hence expose oneself to the universe at large causes a great array of potentials to open.


Omega Oracle


With just my arms and head sticking out of the ground I have become a plant. I feel my toes elongating and growing hair roots, my fingers spouting leaves. My eyes are disappearing, in fact, all my features are melting away, becoming the center of a flower. You know, flowers actually do have faces, although they are invisible, for they’re meant to be seen with something other than the eyes.

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