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d152 150 150 John Sandbach

Virgo 2. A table on which many healing have been performed. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: CAHETEL (KA-heh-TEL) Defusing Negative Energy, Divine Blessings)


You work at building up energy gradually, often by doing something over and over. This can be nearly magical in nature, in that you can refine your ability to do whatever you are dong, as well as acquire greater subtlety in doing it. You have an instinctive way of being able to make the right kind of space for whatever you’re going to do, and this can insure success.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A man hanging upside down from a tree.” Just as the table of the Omega Symbol is waiting for the next patient, the man of this symbol is waiting for the right time to act. The tree symbolizes knowledge, and the man of the symbol is dedicated to it. His feet, which signify understanding, are raised to heaven while his head – his mental/intellectual part – is nearest to the earth, meaning devoted to the affairs of practical existence.

This degree knows and sees to a great extent how the spiritual light is working in the world, its insights and perceptions may not be heard by others. The truth of this degree is that if enough positive energy is built up, the tide will eventually turn, though to do this sometimes great patience, focus, and waiting are required.

Pleiadian Symbol: In a sacred cave a lingam of ice. Power manifesting with clairity and calmness. The slow and steady accumulation of certainty and creative potency, which has its roots in the receptivity and focus of the Omega Symbol.

Azoth Symbol: Children tasting many different kinds of fruit which they are picking off trees. An innocent assimilation of the pure essence of nature.

Seed degree: Aries 18. Sitting in the Lotus posture, a monk’s body is incorruptible. (Omega Symbol). The ability to focus faithfully on the inner silence slowly and inevitably creates a vortex of healing energy.

A jellyfish. (Chandra Symbol). To be soft and transparent allows us to patiently wait until we perceive the connection between consciousness and matter.

Fulfillment degree: Scorpio 13. An acupuncturist who activates points simply by holding a needle over them. (Omega Symbol). When we have refined and perfected our preparations for anything we are often surprised by the ease with which they are eventually carried out.

Someone tells a joke and no one laughs. (Chandra Symbol). Focusing more and more on self-understanding, we let go of the need for the approval of other people.


I, the healing table, belong to an illustrious community of locations where humans lay prone. We consist mainly of beds, coffins, and autopsy tables, and of course, my breed, where people come to be healed.

Prone, the body naturally re-establishes its earthly nature as it lays there upon me, sometimes beneath the sky, or most often beneath its surrogate – a ceiling. I am always surprised that I can support such weight and such vastness – whole worlds, mostly forgotten, and immeasurable continents of dreams, with their dense forests of images, and seas where creatures appear spontaneously in the depths as others continually mutate, while, in the atmosphere of these worlds currents of desires and herds of unformed thoughts flow in the air like gigantic rivers, creating weather.

And though I am only a table I am porous enough to receive the residues of all these dreams and memories, and when needed to recall what is stored in me to assist the healer.

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