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d150 150 150 John Sandbach

Leo 30. A poetess wearing rings with large gemstones in them. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Inspired

(Degree Angel: LELAHEL (LAY-la-HEL) Dream State, Light of Understanding)


Being yourself seems outwardly so passive, but it is your destiny, and can stimulate the people around you to throw off all illusions and veils that hide the true self. You are a many colored light, intent on clearing all shadows so that the brightness of being may be fully enjoyed and embraced by all. Your greatest challenge is to avoid the urge, born out of fear, to hold back.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A woman sprinkling rose water in the four corners of a room.” Rather than seeing yourself as limited you relate to the whole of existence and have a great desire to bring light to all that is around you. You have a great ability for regenerating and transmuting situations which have fallen prey to darkness and stagnation. You have a tremendous persistence that will keep projecting light until the darkness is finally dispersed. Your potent hope can have a wonderfully uplifting effect on other people. You are also willing to package what you put forth in a form that people will understand, relate to, and not feel threatened by. The gemstones of the poetess in the Omega Symbol signify the high spiritual truths whose essence you are always willing to share, in a form that poetically touches the soul.

Pleiadian Symbol: Continuing to reread a letter a woman keeps seeing new implications in the contents.

Azoth Symbol: Fairies as tiny as mayflies dance in the sun’s rays.

Seed degree: Pisces 23. In a museum, paintings are admiring people as they pass by. (Omega Symbol). Realizing the wonderful aliveness of everything around us, we draw to ourselves and focus those energies which will continue to remind us of spiritual truths.

Someone lurking in a dark wood. They are waiting for a passerby. (Chandra Symbol). When we encounter hidden aspects of ourselves we eventually learn to love them and by doing so are able to accept them as facets of our being.

Fulfillment degree: Virgo 13. A meteorite with the edges worn smooth. (Omega Symbol). Feeding our being with whatever is beautiful and reminds us of higher spiritual realities we become more and more able to understand the vastness of the reality in which we dwell and to tune in to both the power and gentleness of the universe.

A man with hair on his back. (Chandra Symbol). The more we focus on blessing the environment in which we dwell, and keeping our thoughts concerning it loving and supportive, the more our masculine self is enhanced by becoming imbued with gentleness and receptiveness.


Desire is more important than fulfillment, and to gaze into a gemstone into a place of light where one can never be proves it. These sparkling stones keep the fingers company as they write poems. The gems are utterly oblivious to words except as the noises of them impinge on their facets, reverberating into the little sanctums of light where only the eye can go. The only joy greater than being a transparent stone is to be one who rides a wrinkled finger listening, drinking in poems, freed from all need to understand.

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