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* Leo-14


Degree Angel: Iah-hel (EE-a-HEL) Parent – Teacher not Preacher, Desire to Know, Transforming/Responsible




Omega Symbol: Toward the center of a galaxy, the concentration of stars becomes denser and denser.


You’re aware that angels are everywhere -whether you call them that or not. You might just think of these energies as goodness, or beauty, or joy. Conscious of it or not, you are a messenger for the angels, and all you have to do is to give into it, let it happen, and above all keep at it, even if at times your messages are heard only faintly or not at all.


Pleiadian Symbol: Tiny balls of multicolored lights flickering through a forest.


The realization of all sorts of beauties and perfections moving through the natural world. These balls incarnate as the jasmine flowers of the Chandra Symbol.  This degree can possess a bubbling, magical energy that mutates very quickly and which has an inexplicably enlivening effect on everything around it.


Chandra Symbol: Fields of jasmine flowers.


Jasmine flowers enhance self-esteem as well as physical and sensual attraction, and is administered homeopathically to bring back energy. The density of the stars in the Omega Symbol are like the density of the jasmine blossoms in the fields. The truth of this degree is that we all have each other as great resources of learning, wisdom, joy and delight. And since we become what we focus on, all we need to do is keep focusing on the loving connections that are everywhere around us.


This is a Scorpio degree of Leo, and hence signifies the regenerative powers inherent in allowing our being to express the spiritual light.


Azoth Symbol: Mist condensing on wildflowers.


Love magnetized toward supporting all sorts of simple and natural beauty and healing. The gargantuan concentration happening over vast light years of the Omega Symbol becomes the quiet gentle condensation of this symbol.


Seed Degree: Virgo – 11


The smell of ancient perfume as an Egyptian tomb is opened. (Omega Symbol). To be able to intuitively grasp the essence of things and to deeply tap into the past leads us to an ability to connect with all the various intelligences of the universe.


A four-year-old girl dressed as a nurse. (Chandra Symbol). The innocent desire to be of service in helping to heal the world proliferates a vibration of joy and strength all around one.


Fulfillment Degree: Taurus – 12


A man making talismans for protection. (Omega Symbol). Tapping in to all the positive energies of the universe we are impelled to find a means to use them to defend ourselves from the forces of darkness and chaos.


A very old elephant. (Chandra Symbol). Continuing to immerse ourselves in joy and spiritual certainty, we eventually accumulate a great store of wisdom, power, and patience.


Omega Oracle


The galaxy bloomed, throwing forth its pollen of light. For many centuries he stood gazing in space, watching the galaxy unfold as it swirled. To witness such a garden took great patience, and cost much time, which he could have spent living on one planet or another, inventing other lives and loves for himself. But he felt all the eons were well worth watching this entertainment.


Moving closer he found the stars falling around him like snow, the blizzard of light growing denser as the black hole at the galaxy’s center drew him into itself, reducing him as he sped toward it, to an infinitely tiny seed of ecstasy.

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