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d136 150 150 John Sandbach

Leo 16. An angel appears to lost travelers and shows them the right direction. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Experimental

(Degree Angel: Mehiel (MAY-hee-EL) Casting Yourself in a Favorable Light, Vivification, invigoration, enlivenment)


You have the ability to find your way to goals by listening to your inner voice, and are sensitive to the omens and portents you find along the way. You’re at your best when you take spontaneous actions and then find your way as you go. You are aware of stuck places in other people, often when they themselves aren’t. You know how to overcome these, and even if this is not completely possible, you know how to at least loosen them up so that more life energy can come through.  You can be the angel who shows others the way, if you will get beyond yourself and open to inspiration.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A red-faced man, tears running down his cheeks. He is laughing convulsively.” This is a symbol of startling realizations that come so suddenly or unexpectedly that they shock the being into a release of pent-up energy. When the time is ripe clearings and openings happen spontaneously, and they can be a great joy, just as the travelers of the Omega Symbol experience a blissful relief. This degree knows that help is always near, no matter how bleak or hopeless things may look. All that is required is patience and receptivity, and most especially a letting down of the barriers that limiting expectations create.

Pleiadian Symbol: Sunlight glittering on falling rain.  The hope and joy inherent within all sorrow.

Azoth Symbol: A messenger delivers an unexpected gift.  An open and non-judgemental receiving of abundance.

Seed degree: Libra 5. A flag pole with no flag. (Omega symbol). Clearing away biases and limiting allegiances makes way for help and inspiration coming to one to point the direction forward.

A man raising a crop of marijuana. (Chandra Symbol). Fostering happiness and openness in onesself and others triggers the release of pent-up energies.

Fulfillment degree: Cancer 12. A diamond light enough to float. (Omega Symbol). Receiving and following guidance from higher forces imbues us increasingly with a lightness of being.

Carefully a surgeon begins the dissection of a corpse. (Chandra Symbol). Once all pent-up, chaotic energy has been released we come into the patience and focus needed to look deeply into the nature of things.


The dusk was growing, and a lady’s dress was catching on branches and tearing at times as she walked. The child was weeping and hungry, the knight stoic but fearful behind his mask of calm. Their burdens grew heavier as they trudged uncertainly, the forest gradually darkening.

The witch had told them to beware this forest, for when dark came, those who became lost within it must never stop, for hapless travelers who fell asleep here were turned into trees. Hence the old saying, “You are either a part of the journey or part of the forest.”

And then one of them who walked ahead of the others saw in the distance a faint glow, a soft brightness that hovered amidst the trees, and all of them quickened their steps for fear that they might lose sight of it. Soon they reached the edge of the forest, and there, across a small meadow could just be seen, in the last fading light, the place they sought.

The next day none of them remembered the glow that had led them out of the forest, for it is of the nature of angels that they live in moments, being too vast to inhabit memory.

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