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d130 150 150 John Sandbach

Leo 10. A man who sees stars invisible to others. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Inspired

(Degree Angel: Yeialel (YAY-a-LEL) Letting Go, Mental Force)


You tap into worlds and realities that are beyond the scope of usual human perception. What you can learn from this can be used to enrich the knowledge and understanding of people – if they are open to your insights. The problem is, they may not believe you, because they aren’t perceiving what you’re perceiving. The way to resolve this dilemma is to express your ideas in a way that is not so forthright, and in a form that is more acceptable to others, or to use your insights and ideas to further yourself, without being concerned about what others believe or won’t take in.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A man putting olive oil all over his body.” This degree is about making the connections between itself and the outside world smoother, so it can move through the world with greater ease, and minimize the negative reactions which might come toward it from other people. They have a strong need to be independent and true to self, but to do so in a non-abrasive way, in the hopes that their special gifts will be accepted as much as possible. They have an ability to slip out of situations which are unnecessarily limiting, or which don’t allow them to contribute what they uniquely have to offer. Slipping and sliding through the world makes life easier, and minimizes the need for compromise.

Pleiadian Symbol: At predawn a valley enveloped in mist. Confusion and lack of clarity dispersed by warmth and awareness. The warming and energizing of emotions so that they may circulate freely.

Azoth Symbol: Dreams vaguely beginning to appear on a screen. Outwardly projecting and then seeing into the contents of one’s unconscious.

Seed degree: Cancer 23. A man thanking all his books for the wisdom they have imparted to him. (Omega Symbol). Wisdom is alive, and when we love it it returns our love by offering us ever more subtle insights.

A man putting together pieces of broken pottery. (Chandra Symbol). As we heal and mend what is broken we find an increasing smoothness and evenness coming into our life, which makes it easier to move through all situations.

Fulfillment degree: Capricorn 11. A gothic novel creates a dark, mysterious atmosphere. (Omega Symbol). Carrying inside us deep and special insights impels us to help others to sense the sublimity and vastness of existence.

A young boy joyously kisses a fat old lady. (Chandra Symbol). As we make the connections between ourselves and the outside world smoother and smoother we are able to reach across polarities and differences in a loving and bright manner.


He wasn’t sure why he had been given the gift of seeing these invisible and radiant points in the night sky. He could feel and actually see their radiance entering others at times, when it was needed, even though those being filled with this invisible starlight were not aware of it. All the stars were continually seeking out those who needed to receive their own individual and unique light, and sometimes by a general consensus of a group of many millions of stars whole galaxies would gently trickle into a chakra or other orifice of someone who had sought their light without knowing it.

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