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d118 150 150 John Sandbach

Cancer 28. Words streaming from a magician’s eyes and filling a blank book at which he is gazing. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Receptive

(Degree Angel: Ariel (AH-ree-EL) Absolute Certainty, Perceiver and Revealer)


There are energies that wish to come forth from you, communications that you need to allow to emerge. Your challenge is to not let your biases and rationalizations stop the process, and to keep your ego out of the way of what is happening. If you hesitate or stop to try to figure out what is going on you slow or blur the process, which wants to be clear and needs you to be its means of manifestation.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A tremendous cave on the bank of a river.” Here is a great capacity to realize what is happening, what is going on in the world, and to see what is underneath it all. This degree makes a lot of connections between various energies, for it intuitively comprehends their interweavings. Almost (or at times absolutely) without thinking, ideas, imaginings and realizations dawn on this degree, coming forth sometimes fully formed and obvious, at other times cryptic and mysterious or uncertain. But in any way you look at it, creative, inspirational, and needing to be harnassed and used. There’s a need here to nurture the highest and to attempt to bring it into realization, no matter how difficult the task or how often one has to once again right one’s course.

Pleiadian Symbol:The princess of a tribe welcomes strangers from afar. A gentle and supportive openness to all new and unusual experiences. She is like the receptive cave of the Chandra Symbol that might invite potential travelers who have come down the river.

Azoth Symbol: Men using their psychic powers to hurl spears great distances. Intent which carries great pointedness and power. The spears are like the words streaming out of the magician’s eyes of the Omega Symbol.

Seed degree: Aquarius 28. The entrance to a vast complex of caves beneath a mountain. (Omega Symbol). Entering into the deeper reaches of ourselves we contact a level of spontaneous creativity and information, which, if we are attentive to it, can teach us much.

A tapestry loom. On it a half-finished tapestry. (Chandra Symbol). Realizing that seemingly set patterns can be changed if we so desire to do so, we become aware of the choice between holding to a particular way, or allowing the flow of energies to carry us somewhere else.

Fulfillment degree: Capricorn 10. Many strange and diverse objects are seen floating down a river.(Omega Symbol). Allowing our inner wisdom to come forth we find a wide array of various potentials which we may draw on in the act of creation.

A man drinking blood from the vein in a horse’s leg. (Chandra Symbol). Through transcending the flow of time and entering into the realm of timelessness we are able to take in the vital essence of nature.


He had only to soften and still his vision and the downloads would begin, the words streaming forth from his eyes in the form of shimmering, flickering colors as they embedded themselves into the pages, which he continued to turn as needed. And he found that the downloads would begin whenever he willed them too – there seemed to be no end to the books that desired to find a home in the pages.

People said that the books were delightful, wondrous, full of wisdom. He himself never read them, for fear that the words might decide to abandon the pages, re-entering his eyes and returning the books to blankness.


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