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d114 150 150 John Sandbach

Cancer 24. A man building a structure meant to look like the ruins of a temple. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Responsible

(Degree Angel: Mikael (MI-ka-EL) Revealing the Concealed, Political Authority and Order)


You are acutely aware of the past, of what has been lost, and of the valuable wisdom that needs to be retrieved. You know that the past cannot be returned to, but that its glories and wonders need to be recreated and so they may re-emerge in the present. You are looking for ways to spiritually attune to these and to help them be reborn into the world.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A single crumbling Corinthian column.” What is an illusion in the Omega Symbol becomes a reality in the Chandra Symbol. We all seek the inner temple, and the aura of sublimity and mystery found in temple ruins evoke that knowing that the temple within ourselves awaits our return. We need, though, to beware of getting caught up in nostalgia and regret for past glories which have faded. The real and eternal temple that we seek may be ignored and neglected, but will never fall into ruin.

Pleiadian Symbol: A woman climbs a mountain to witness sunset. The perception of the spiritual meaning inherent in all endings by taking an exalted view of them.

Azoth Symbol: A man surprised by the reception of a precious gift. The realization of the gifts inherent in the moment, which changes one’s attitude and vision toward both the future and the past.

Seed degree: Capricorn 10. Many strange and diverse objects are seen floating down a river. (Omega Symbol). From the great variety of different energies passing through our lives we are tuned in to those memories which will most serve our evolution.

A man drinking blood from the vein in a horse’s leg. (Chandra Symbol). Intensity of union with the forces of nature generates the tremendous energy it takes to uphold spiritual principals through any and all sorts of phases.

Fulfillment degree: Virgo 10. A baby fascinated by many differently colored vials of healing elixirs. (Omega Symbol). The fantasies we build to stimulate our imagination can lead us into an innocent state of inquisitiveness in which we can explore the possibilities of using a whole spectrum of vibrations for healing.

A pin cushion. (Chandra Symbol). We find the great, glorious fragment that has endured from the golden age, and it inspires us to set to the task of synthesizing, reuniting, and reworking our existence once again into a whole fabric.


He tried to imagine what wind and rain and ransacking hordes might have done to the fragments of wall he built. He planted his fallen and broken columns with ivy, and sometimes would allow a single unbroken arch to remain occasionally amongst the partial ones.

Certain orphaned ghosts of history, who roamed the earth, constantly looking for a place to rest, eventually found his ruins and came there to sleep. Until over time a sanctified aura arose in the temple’s enigmatic precincts, and waxed increasingly potent as the years passed.

Eventually people forgot the clever, visionary architect, and wondered about the mysterious place, speculating endlessly about the nature of the strange and secret religion that must have been practiced there.

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