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d111 150 150 John Sandbach

Cancer 21. A man milking a poisonous snake of its venom so that he can make an antidote. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Experimental

(Degree Angel: Rehael (RAY-ha-EL) Diamond in the Rough, Filial Submission)


Things that others are afraid to look at or to think about or approach are things that you can confront directly. You have a magnificent ability to put aside your fears and even your biases and judgments, so that you can look pain, suffering, and negativity in the face and come back from the experience with the healing force that the situation needs.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “High up on a mountain an eagle’s nest.” Both of these symbols are about protection. This degree has the ability to view life from a higher place, so that it may see the whole picture more clearly, and stay above the chaos, confusion, and negativity below. In most cases it has to function in the world, but even so will carry in its aura an insulation from discord. From its exalted perspective it can have clear insight into situations. And the Omega Symbol alludes to its ability to turn negative into positive and find benefit in places usually thought of as offering none whatsoever. It nurtures by uplifting, and by reminding others that there are places beyond the mundane that all of us can move toward.

Pleiadian Symbol: A woman lying on a stage as she sings and dies. Sharing the intensity of one’s emotions with the world, which helps to make others aware of the depths of their own feeling.

Azoth Symbol: A star sending a woman its healing radiance. Openness to the harmonizing energies that are ever present around one. An ability to assimilate seemingly impersonal spiritual energies in an intimately pesonal manner.

Seed degree: Sagittarius 4. A great teacher lecturing in an empty classroom. (Omega Symbol). To persistently keep sharing oneself even when it seems that no one wishes to receive what one has leads one to the revelation that no energy is ever truly wasted, and that everything has a deeper and often hidden purpose.

A young prince undresses to bathe in a pool. (Chandra Symbol). Letting down our defenses so that we may commune with the healing forces of nature elevates our consciousness into a place of safety and power.

Fulfillment degree: Gemini 10.Magic glasses which allow one to read a secret text. (Omega Symbol). When we understand the way solutions are always hidden within their corresponding problems, it gives us a kind of magic lense through which we can read the secrets of the universe.

A young woman notices the handsome man has fangs. (Chandra Symbol). Through gaining an expanded spiritual perspective on life our intuition is able to see the multifarious workings of ego and selfishness all around us.


He holds the snake gently but firmly and presses the jaws to open them.  Death has kindly given the snake an elixir with which it may magically fulfill the karmas of those who might threaten it, or transform those who seemingly step on it by mistake, not knowing they needed to depart –
and, afraid to begin their journey stumble, surprised at their transformation.

And now, the man having lovingly tapped the snake’s nectar, will make from it another elixir, one to reverse or compound karma, one which can offer the one bitten a moment to pause, and reconsider, at death’s portal.

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