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d11-2 150 150 John Sandbach

* Aries-11


Degree Angel: LAUVIAH (LO-vee-YAH) Banishing the Remnants of Evil, Victory, Transforming/Experimental




Omega Symbol: A hospital for birds.


You carry a powerful spirit of hope. No matter how difficult life becomes you are able to keep renewing your spirit as well as help others to do the same. You know what you need to realign yourself with spirit, and can make a come back from even the most dreadful and trying of situations. This is a precious gift.


Pleiadian Symbol: A flickering fire creates the illusion of laughter as it reflects off a golden effigy.


Everything is alive, and you can feel this – you sense the presence of spirit forces playing everywhere, and you love to join in and play with them.  You bring a greater degree of energy and aliveness to everything around you and can help others to see the hidden magic and wonder even in things that would usually be considered ordinary.


Chandra Symbol: Sunlight illuminating dust in the air.


When matter disintegrates it turns to dust, and then is small enough to be carried into the air, to fly, like a flock of birds, soaring to receive the light of the Sun. What was heavy and dark becomes buoyant and infused with light. It is the future of us all, the Seed of Aquarius containing what will be, a vision of glory beyond the illusion of death.


Azoth Symbol: From a slowly moving swan rippling circles spread out over a pond.


The peaceful emanating of effortless and clear wisdom – which heals the birds of the Omega Symbol.  You have an inherent elegance, grace and poise that gently spreads an atmosphere of peace and clarity to the world around you.


Seed Degree: Leo – 1


A magician inventing many new techniques. (Omega Symbol). Opening to the array of magical possibilities our wings are healed, readying our spirit for soaring to greater heights.


A divorced husband and wife enjoying each other’s company. (Chandra Symbol). Acknowledging and accepting our separateness from each other, each particle of life takes on a golden hue of meaning.


Fulfillment Degree: Aquarius – 1


Deciding to die, a vampire walks into the sunlight. (Omega Symbol). The spirit is healed, allowing all imperfect and unreal imaginings to find the light and be reabsorbed into it.


A two-headed calf. (Chandra Symbol). Witnessing so many seemingly opposing values, we eventually come to see value in everything, from the most glorious, brightest star in the sky, to the tiniest mote of dust on which it shines.


Omega Oracle


Candles burn all night in the bird hospital, their flames fluttering like wings. The doctors have lit these candles, for they are imbued with sky magic – the trembling flames bring life back into wings.


The flames enter the birds’ dreams and carry them high into a vast blue. It is the sky that heals them, brought there by the mysterious fluttering flames, anchored to their candles by little pieces of sky.

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