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* Virgo 1


Degree Angel: ACHAIAH (a-KA-hee-YAH) DNA of the Soul, Patience, Manifesting/Experimental




Omega Symbol: Late at night, someone comes home and slowly ascends the stairs.


You need, periodically, to withdraw from the world back into the privacy of your inner self. You seek the highest aspect of your inner being, and when you can find this and commune with it, you are then in a position to do and be your best. This may mean turning your back on the world, at times, because you need to be as free as possible from strife and conflict, and the many and varied opinions of others.


Pleiadian Symbol: A man’s portrait peering with great intensity into a quiet room


To be oneself wholly and completely allows the spirit to shine forth into a reality that is always ready to receive it.  There is a great urge here to be who and what you are while shunning anything you’re not – a quest for purity of selfhood.


Chandra Symbol: A volcano erupting at night.


This degree seems on the surface to be very different from its corresponding Omega Symbol, but both show a similarity of relationship to the world of human affairs. The volcano obviously cares not for them, and the man of the Omega Symbol is retreating from them, in fact as he climbs the stairs he rises above them.


The volcano clears pressure that has built up deep inside the earth. The man coming home is in the process of releasing the pressures of the day. The volcano’s release is grand and dramatic, the man’s release is quiet and private. No matter how it occurs, release has to happen, and this degree absolutely will not stand for repression. It is ready and willing to give in to deep release, and not just release of its own personal repressed energies, but release (as much as is possible) of the repressed, denied and rejected energies of humanity at large. This is the most primitive, direct purging that Virgo is capable of.


In one way the power and intensity of the volcano seems non-Virgoan, but remember that Virgo is a mutable sign, and that the rock of the volcano is in liquid (mutable) form.  This degree is about raw creative energy spewing forth into spontaneous form.


Azoth Symbol: Hidden deep in the forest a grand white house with porches and columns on its facade.


Amidst all the complexities and density of the world the self maintains its beautiful integrity.  This degree often hides itself as a means of protecting itself and of holding on unchallenged to who it is.


Seed Degree: Aries – 6


An actor forgets his lines and makes up new ones. (Omega Symbol). Letting go of the agendas given to us by the world, and allowing ourselves to invent our own way of relating, we find a high place within ourselves where we may retreat to do inner work.


An aquamarine in a woman’s navel. (Chandra Symbol). Finding our spiritual center, we are able to attain the relaxation needed to allow what is inside to flow forth from us.


Fulfillment Degree: Libra – 13


As he matures, a mans paintings grow simpler and simpler. (Omega Symbol). Our inner life at last comes into an outer expression that is strikingly clear, for it has given up striving to be anything other than what it is.


Men and women in white towels in a steam bath talking and sweating profusely. (Chandra Symbol). Things so intense that they just have to come out eventually find a meaningful rapport with certain other people in the outside world who have experienced similar energies.


Omega Oracle


The inner space is what you see above you at night. When you look at the stars your eyes do not go to them, for their light has already come to you, and once you see it you realize you need to go nowhere because at night you’re always here, whereas in day you’re always everywhere else, caught up in the flurries and demands of illusions.


When he came home he realized there was work to do. He wanted to become disengaged from the daytime machines called stories, and to find enough darkness to see what was in the sky, so that he could realize he’d always been in it.


Problems have a way of inventing us, and he began to see, as he looked at the stars out his window, that he was the laboratory, and the experiment was him.

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