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* Cancer-1


Degree Angel: LEUVIAH (LOO-vee-YAH) Dialing God, Expansive Intelligence/Fruition, Manifesting/Experimental




Omega Symbol: Rainbows slowly moving across a white wall.


You have the ability to block out everything you don’t want to look at, and then project onto your reality your own conceptions. When these conceptions are spiritually inspired, you are able to shift reality into a higher vibration. You need to beware, though, of being too much in denial of the challenges and discords of life.


Pleiadian Symbol: On a passing boat a flag continually changing its colors and patterns.


Finding a way to express the subtleties and mutations the self moves through.  Free changing of alliances to meet current circumstances.  This is mirrored in the mutability of the potter’s clay of the Chandra Symbol.


Chandra Symbol: A potter at work.


The white wall is the perfect background on which to clearly see the colors of the rainbows, and likewise the potter is creating vessels which can hold whatever needs to be saved, contained, or protected. This degree seeks to apply itself to tasks that require concentration and focus and also to create environments which can hold and nurture whatever it finds to be of ultimate value. The contrast between the ethereal quality of the colors on the wall versus the tangible and highly physical forming of clay signifies the meeting of both spiritual and physical in this degree’s impulse to protect and support.


Azoth Symbol: Words seen for an instant on a leaf that suddenly blows away.


Catching fleeting glimpses of the deeper meaning of things, which triggers spiritual awareness.  Swift recognition of patterns as they change.  The capturing of ephemeral pieces of wisdom.


Seed Degree: Aries – 4


A man destroying a wall as he attempts to eradicate black mold from a house. (Omega Symbol). Breaking down barriers and clearing away the detritus of the past leaves the consciousness free to experience imaginative possibilities.


A cup overflowing with clear water. (Chandra Symbol). Experiencing the gushing of our feelings, we seek to create vessels to give them form and and so that their energy can be stored for future use.


Fulfillment Degree: Libra – 8


A rare type of honey imbued with magical healing powers. (Omega Symbol). To be receptive to all the colors of the spiritual light is to find a food that can restore harmony.


A vast junkyard. (Chandra Symbol). To fashion vessels to hold what is valuable leaves us with what is left over – life’s trash – which we seek to collect together so that it is out of our way.


Omega Oracle


The smoothness of a white wall invites illusion. Unmarred, it holds shadows up, so that we may see them more clearly, and allow them to live out their lives as they wax, wane, and change shape in the changing light. Or rainbows may appear and slowly stretch out, as they move over the white, becoming long, like the tails of comets. The light gives us time to take in its colors, to see the seamless, imperceptible way they are born of each other, each one a fire, whose delight is to travel, searching for eyes.

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