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d1-2 150 150 John Sandbach

* Aries – 1


Degree Angel: VEHUIAH (vay-HOO-ee-YAH) Time Travel, Will and New Beginnings, Manifesting/Experimental




Omega Symbol: A treasure map tattooed on someone’s back.


Strong instincts guide this degree to wherever it needs to go. It’s at its best when it follows its impulses and doesn’t try to figure anything out or justify itself. It needs to keep disengaging from involvements that slow it down so that it may be free to follow its own unique path.


Pleiadian Symbol: A mermaid and an octopus lovingly embracing.


Love and acceptance toward whatever one encounters in the depths of one’s subconscious. Ability to experience an emotional rapport with those who are very unlike oneself.


Chandra Symbol: A man repairing and extending a stone wall in the spring.


The Omega symbol is about a PLACE where a treasure is located. The Chandra is about the creating of a PLACE by building a wall around it, which is a means of defining that place and maybe enlarging it (the stone wall is being extended). It is the SELF which is the treasure, and the way to the SELF is embedded in the self itself (the map is tattooed on the back).


This degree is about seeking and defining the self by determining, expanding and repairing its boundaries. Such a heavy, ponderous image as a man building a wall may seem strange as the very beginning of Aries, but it is just this CONFRONTATION WITH THE MATERIAL WORLD as symbolized by the stones used to build the wall, that is needed for the newborn self to affirm a place in which to be and to grow and to discover the inner treasure.


Azoth Symbol: Colored sheet lightning flickering in the depths of an opal.


An intuitive sensing of all the vast potentials lurking within the limits of the physical realm.  Your perception is rich, quick and fleeting.  You bring a vividness and aliveness to whatever you do that can infuse everything around you with fresh, bibrant energy.


The Seed Degree and Fulfillment Degree of 1 Aries is 1 Aries. The only other degree that is the seed degree and fulfillment degree of itself is 30 Pisces.


Omega Oracle


At night he sleeps in moonlight, and laying on his stomach dreams he journeys across the vastness of his own back, exploring the map tattooed there. But where is the X that marks the spot? He finds all the rivers, mountains, forests and other features the tattoo artist has drawn there, but where is the treasure hidden?  Closing his eyes, he listens. In moonlight he hears the treasure, steadily beating.

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