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Planets activating the Saturn/Chiron midpoint (♄ ⚷)

Planets activating the Saturn/Chiron midpoint (♄ ⚷)

Planets activating the Saturn/Chiron midpoint (♄ ⚷) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: Disengaging from involvements which inhibit or frustrate one’s personal growth (even though this may take a long time, or be a long, slow process). Understanding fears more deeply, which assists in the process of letting go of them. Learning to heal fears by drawing on the powers of beings beyond the physical plane.

Having a clearer and clearer perception of the blocks that people place in front of themselves for the purpose of retarding their spiritual growth, and potentially coming to a deep understanding of why they do this.

Entering into the Silence so that one can contact angels, ascended masters and other spirit guides. Learning how to not react to negativity, and therefore being able to avoid the karma resulting from doing so. Awareness of the truth that all problems encountered are for the purpose of furthering one’s spiritual evolution, and unless the lessons offered by them are fully learned, the same problems or variations of them are likely to reoccur.

All of the above indications for Chiron/Saturn tend to become stronger and more possible as ones grows older.

Process: The deep and profound sensing of form and pattern in all life, and hence the power to therapeutically transform patterns so as to maximize the process of evolution. Healing by assisting others in experiencing the clarity and simplicity of life.

Sun: An awareness of the spiritual reasons for why all of the limitations around us are present, and what we have to learn from them.

Moon: To be able to instinctively feel the limitations, fears and restrictions of other people. One’s awareness of these has an automatically healing effect.

Mercury: To be able to communicate in a limited, careful way that is simple and profoundly targets exactly what needs to be said for the purpose of healing.

Venus: To help others to heal their fears and overcoming their limitations so they may experience love, beauty and fulfillment more completely.

Mars: Action that is careful and focused in so exact and profound a way that healing is the result.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm for understanding the spiritual reasons behind the limitations one experiences, and the desire to find ways to capitalize on and work with them as a means of learning and growing. The ability to make much out of little.

Uranus: A genius for having insights into the reasons and spiritual purposes behind all the restrictions and limitations one experiences. A unique gift for organizing things in a profoundly spiritual way, or a way that brings forth the deeper meaning of things

Neptune: Intuitive insight into how to overcoming limits and heal fears, as well as the ability to intuit the meaning and purpose behind all the restrictions that one experiences.

Pluto: To be obsessed with a desire to understand why one has to endure limitations and restrictions. One’s life is transformed by coming into a profound understanding of one’s fears, which allows one to finally release them.

Node: Seeking out connections with others who help you to be more aware of your limitations, fears and restrictions so that they can be healed.

Ascendant: One’s emanates a deep, wise, profound aura that can help others to be more focused and clear. One’s personality exerts an organizing and stabilizing influence on all around one.

Midheaven: Your mission in life is to realize how your life is organized, to perceive its patterns at a deep level, and to understand the meaning and purpose of all hardships and restrictions in your life. The ability to bring a healing and spiritualizing sense of order to one’s career work.

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