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Chiron in the Signs (2)

Chiron in the Signs (2)

Chiron in the Signs (2) 150 150 John Sandbach

Chiron in Libra

The way we have held ourselves back from evolving is by relating to our reality in a narrow, repetitive way that ignores so many energies. Chiron in Libra is about opening up more fully and completely to relating, so that we learn to relate to a wider band of frequencies, and ultimately overcome the fear of relating to ourselves. Chiron here can help us to let go of fears, and to see ourselves in a new way that opens up new relationships to our universe.

It can also signify healing through beauty and through allowing any energy that has become stagnant or sluggish to get back in sync with the graceful dance of life.

Chiron in Scorpio

Chiron in Scorpio has a deep love of death, and an understanding of the healing possibilities and ecstatic releases possible through passing out of this life – and of dying to any situation in which one need release and transformation. Deeply and profoundly it communicates the truth that Change is OK, nothing to be afraid of, a glorious process, that nothing is ever lost, and that there is no situation that cannot be redeemed and transmuted.

Chiron in Scorpio also automatically and often subconsciously helps others to get more in tune with the person power, and to see how it can be used positively. It can also help people to see how they are using their power negatively and to realize that this stems from disattunement to ones true self.

Chiron in Sagittarius

Joy, spontaneity and free play bring to the grayness of our world a new brightness, with Chiron in Sagittarius. This placement heals by communicating the truth that suffering is a temporary state, and that lightness of being can be our realilty when we accept the truth of who we really are spiritually.

The lines through which we receive energy and sustenance from the light are strengthened by Chiron in Sagittarius. The person with Chiron here emanates a force which overcomes fragmentation and brings all missing and disjointed pieces into a vibrant wholeness. This is truly the rising out of the maze of illusion, so that we may see even our most traumatic and difficult challenges as steps toward enlightenment.

Chiron in Capricorn

Who are the true authorities? asks Chiron in Capricorn, who relentlessly pursues the answer, which always leads back to the self. We are the authority – the kingdom of heaven is within, and all outer gods are lesser gods. Chiron in Capricorn is capable of cutting through all confusion and complexity to find the deepest and most enduring truths.

All of us are being manipulated – by other people who set themselves up as the experts, by our fantasies about how things should be, by giving away our own power, and by the snares of our own karma. Chiron in Capricorn is about becoming increasingly aware of this manipulation and of its many sources, so that it can be overcome once and for all . With this position manipulation for the sake of the ego is washed away, so that we are fully liberated to pursue the positive manipulations of spiritual discipline.

Chiron in Aquarius

Chiron here is focused on overcoming the limited ruts pursued by the rational mind. Its energy melts all places of mental stuckness. A scientist once said, “if quantum mechanics makes sense to you, you don’t understand it.” Chiron in Aquarius knows that trying to always make sense is a useless endeavor whose only goal is a desperate attempt to hold back our ocean of fear.

We have nothing to fear. The universe is a safe place, and as we realize this, we come to the knowledge that the universe doesn’t “make sense,” IT IS SENSE – THE SENSE OF UNLIMITED CONSCIOUSNESS AND INFINITE JOY.”

This placement of Chiron transmutes fear into constant surprise at our own vastness, and a tearing down of any and all walls that have kept us from exploring it.

Chiron in Pisces

The limitions of time and space create sorrow, by seeming to divide us from what we love. Chiron in Pisces dwells beyond time and space, and so can bring to us a healing balm which soothes and can finally melt away all of the sufferings of our soul. Chiron was in Pisces during most of the 1960’s, bringing at that time an enrichment of spirit by giving us a window into the timeless realms.

Chiron here heals through acceptance, and through giving in to the cleansing waters of the inner ocean. As we assimilate more and more completely the truth that we are infinite beings, we are able to relax and give up our obsessive focus on suffering and limited, confining illusions.

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