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Planets activating the Sun/Ascendant midpoint (☼ ASC)

Planets activating the Sun/Ascendant midpoint (☼ ASC)

Planets activating the Sun/Ascendant midpoint (☼ ASC) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: To come across to others with self-confidence and/or with egotism, often when one is not meaning to do so. A centered and purposeful way of projecting oneself. The tendency to place much importance on relationships and to seek meaningful connections with others. One’s identity is very much bound up with one’s goals in life.

Process: Growing into an ability to use all superficialities and outer illusions against themselves so that they reveal rather than hide meaning and purpose.

Moon: The emotional need to receive attention and to have others be aware of oneself. One’s ability to project oneself in a centered and purposeful way is highly dependent on one’s mood. The emotional need to engage in meaningful, purposeful relationships and/or ones that have a goal. One finds security through being able to play a meaningful and/or important role in life.

Mercury: To communicate in a self-confident (egotistical) manner. To think much of the importance of how things appear. Cleverness in finding ways of drawing attention to oneself and/or making oneself seem important. A mind capable of making meaningful and purposeful use of opportunities.

Venus: To appreciate and enjoy projecting a self-confident appearance. The love of sharing energy with others. Artfulness in coming across to others as a self-assured and important person. One is attracted to people who come across as self-confident.

Mars: One asserts oneself with a self-confident demeanor. Conflict created by coming on in an overly self-important way. To work on developing a meaningful way of presenting oneself outwardly.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm for engaging in meaningful interactions with others. The willingness to learn and grow in terms of becoming more aware of one’s identity. Success through coming across to others as self-confident and purposeful.

Saturn: A fear of coming off as self-important. The slow and gradual attainment of greater levels of self-confidence in terms of how one interacts with others and projects oneself outwardly.

Chiron: Your energy helps others to become more aware of their own identity, and to realize their spiritual importance in the role they play in the world.

Uranus: Others see one as unusual, and confident in that distinctiveness. An uninhibited display of self-importance. To project one’s individuality in a conscious and confident manner. An original and/or unique way of coming across to other as self-important.

Neptune: Coming across to others as being self-important, but not being aware that one is doing so. Subtle ways of getting attention and of coming off as important. A self-confident manner of expressing one’s idealism.

Pluto: Intimidating others by coming off as overly self-important. Ultimately realizing that both oneself and others need to identify with their own true self-importance, rather than superficialities or appearances.

Node: Playing the role of an important person in groups. A need to play the role of one who helps groups to maintain alignment with their purpose.

Midheaven: One work involves meaningful and vitalizing relating to other people. Coming across as self-confident has a big effect on one’s career.

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