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Planets activating the Neptune/Ascendant midpoint (♆ ASC)

Planets activating the Neptune/Ascendant midpoint (♆ ASC)

Planets activating the Neptune/Ascendant midpoint (♆ ASC) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: To identify with one’s ideals. To have a subtle, profound, deep or mysterious personality. Confusion concerning who one is. To be misconstrued by other people, or idealized by them. The ability to experiences many different layers within the self. Uncertainty, confusion, deception or other forms of unreality in one’s relationships.

Process: The intuitive perception of deeper layers beneath one’s identity. The exalting of one’s identity so that it carries a high, spiritual energy. Relating to others at increasingly deeper and subtler levels.

Sun: Identifying with one’s ideals is a great source of vitality and meaning in one’s life. Egotism manifesting as self-idealization.

Moon: To experience temporary states of confusion and moodiness. The emotional need to identify with one’s ideals, because they give one a deep feeling of security. To be vulnerable to others idealizing or otherwise misreading oneself. To feel secure when being self-sacrificing toward others.

Mercury: The way one expresses ideas is subtle and imaginative, although it may not be perceived by people who are not sensitive to it.

Venus: To be idealized by the other person in a love relationship. To enjoy fantasizing about the self and/or playing roles. Love expressed with subtlety.

Mars: The ability to be subtly aggressive and to actively deceive others. To be indirect, covert or subtle in the expression of anger. To do things in a delicate or subtle way.

Jupiter: To enthusiastically identify with one’s ideals and to eagerly share them with others. To be overly self-sacrificing. Success through taking a delicate, subtle approach to situations.

Saturn: Frustration due to others misunderstanding you. A fear of being confused and/or uncertain of who one is. A fear of chaos, deception and/or misunderstanding in relationships.

Chiron: To help others to heal by intuitively making them aware of other and deeper levels of their personality, so that their identity is not so tightly or narrowly focused.

Uranus: Perceiving many layers to one’s identity give one a sense of creativity. One is able to use the subtleties and depths of one’s identity in a creative and/or experimental way.

Pluto: To feel pressured by being confused about who one is. The need to see one’s own higher and more ideal aspects. To be uplifted by identifying with one’s spiritual self can profoundly change one’s life.

Node: One encounters connections with others that cause one to either feel confused or uncertain about who one is, or which help one to tap into the deeper levels of oneself, and to ultimately see that one is very much more than any limiting thing with which one identifies.

Midheaven: One’s spiritual path in this lifetime has to do with coming into a complete identification with one’s spiritual self, a letting go of all illusions and unreal notions about who one is, and allowing spiritual forces to work through one’s personality.

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