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Aries 6

Aries 6

Aries 6 150 150 John Sandbach

The Pleiadian Symbol for this degree is “A labyrinth which appears to have no entrance.” The question arises: how can we get to the middle when we can’t even find the way in? One of three possibilities comes to mind — either one needs to search more carefully for it, or one needs to climb the wall, or one needs to get a sledge hammer or axe and create an entrance.

The first 12 degrees of the zodiac are seed degrees for all 12 signs, and as this is the 6th one of them, it is the seed degree for Virgo. To do the work (Virgo) that we are here to do requires a way in to the work. So often people cannot and do not work on themselves because they don’t know how — can’t find a way. This degree is about how old karmas tend to isolate and insulate themselves so that they become loops or programs that, due to their repetitive nature, defy clearing or changing. This degree is about the Aries plunge directly into the realm of healing, in a way that will not be stopped by even the most resistive or seemingly impenetrable of pathologies.

The Azoth Symbol for this degree is “Mathematical formulae on a blackboard are wiggling and dancing.” Virgo is the sign of analysis, and here the analytical formulae refuse to remain as dead concepts. They come alive, they dance, they are vibrant with the possibility of change and recombination. You can try to make intellectual sense of things, but ideas have a life of their own and fulfill the urge to dance with each other in continually recombinant patterns. Healing (Virgo) is not just a routine, a formula, but is an adventure of transformation and transmutation.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “An aquamarine in a woman’s navel.” We are connected (navel) to the sea of universal consciousness (aquamarine). Once we penetrate beneath our surface (the impenetrable wall of the Pleiadian Symbol) We find, at our center a wondrous completeness and peace — the purity which is the highest manifestation of Virgo. At the center of the labyrinth which is the navel we contact the ocean of ourselves.

The Omega symbol for this degree is “An actor forgets his lines and makes up new ones.” He is like the mathematical formulae which refuse to endlessly repeat the same thing, which rebelliously break out into their own aliveness to embrace change and possibility. This degree expresses the highest level of the healing art — to transcend pathological patterns by making up new lines, new ways of being and living, to spontaneously create medicines out of anything and everything.

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