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Saturday, August 20th

Has it really been so long since I’ve written in my astrodiary?  I have missed it.

Was looking at two charts yesterday — people entering into a relationship with each other that could possibly be romantic.  One (Person A) has a Moon/Saturn conjunction, with Saturn in  5 Scorpio and Moon in 10 Scorpio.  The other (person B) has Ascendant in 7 Scorpio conjunct Pluto which is also in 7 Scorpio.   So we have a situation where Person A’s Moon/Saturn conjunction is being midpointed by the others Pluto/Ascendant conjunction.

The effect on person A:  Any emotional issues which he finds difficult or problematic are being intensified by person B.  Person B impels person A to be more aware of his need for emotional boundariesas well as his deeper and more serious emotions.  At best this could mean that Person A will have the chance to work out many emotional issues through the manner in which person B relates.

The effect on person B: This individual has a need to transform his identity, to grow in terms of how he sees himself.  Person A can help him through this by making him more aware of his insecurities and fears as well as the ways in which he has limited his self concept.

It feels to me that a relationship of this nature is bound to be serious and will need to address deep and serious issues. The problem is that person B could tend to feel powerless in the relationship, or become obsessed with trying to have power over person A, and that person A could have a difficult time being vulnerable and open in the relationship while maintaining needed yet flexible boundaries.

The beauty is, the two people have obviously come together to work on each other.  If they can allow themselves to release old ways of being there is a tremendous growth potential here.

As all of these planets and points are in Scorpio, the general issue is about power and the need for mutual empowerment, as well as dying to the old and being reborn to the new.

Any conjunction signifies that the two planets are trying to merge and synthesize their energies.  Person A is trying in this lifetime to be open and vulnerable (Moon) to his deepest, most sensitive (Saturn) and most profound and painful feelings (Moon), whereas person B is trying to clear his own identity of stagnating and limiting attachments.  And each is using the other to do so.

They both need to stay in the moment and be thankful for whatever comes up, no matter how difficult it is.  If they can do this, the results can be fabulously rewarding.

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