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Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

As an astrology teacher I’m always trying to remind students to use astrological techniques which I feel are helpful but which have been neglected.  One of these techniques is PLANETARY CHARTS.  The idea here is so simple:  Just take any planet and make it the ascendant, and then, using equal house look at where all of the rest of the planets fall in that chart.

You can use this technique with any planet, but the two most likely candidates for it are the Sun and the Moon, with the Moon chart, I feel, being the most important one.

When I use this technique on my own chart I put my 19 degree Libra Moon on the ascendant and find that Mercury, Uranus and Venus fall in the 9th house.  This means that on an emotional level (Moon chart) I have a need to inquire into the meaning of things (Mercury in 9th),  and that security (Moon chart) for me, is found in being independent (Uranus) in my understanding and beliefs (9th house).  I also  feel (Moon chart) a great love (Venus) of philosophizing (9th House).

The Sun in the Moon chart will show a major source of emotional energy.  My Moon chart Sun is in the 8th house.  Making others aware (sun) of their resources (8th house=others’ resources) gives me a great deal of emotional fulfillment.  Also, meaningful change can emotionally vitalize me.

My Saturn/Pluto conjunction falls in the 10th house of my Moon chart, so I am intensely aware of the restrictions which my career imposes, and have a need to change or transform (Pluto) those.

The Moon’s Nodes may also be put into planetary charts.  My South Node falls in my Moon Chart 1st house, and so I need to beware (South Node) of how I label (1st house) myself, and how I allow my insecurities (Moon chart) to limit (South Node) my identity.  With North Node in my Moon chart 7th house, I am working toward allowing myself to be more vulnerable (Moon chart) in my relationships.

Notice how in that last paragraph I used “limit” as a keyword for the South Node.  I’d never really thought of that before, but it’s very fitting.  The South Node is a place where we are held back — its the farthest away place from where we need to move forward — the North Node.

Still haven’t had any cigarettes, and have no cravings either.

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