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Monday, 7/25/2011

Uranus and Neptune are polar opposite planets, and as such, they have the power to enrich and balance each other.  I’ve been thinking about how Neptune rules fantasy, and about how so much fantasy falls into patterns — Romance novels, for instance have set patterns that many writers follow.  Of course really good romance novelists put twists, turns, and surprises into the work — those things being Uranian — and that’s what makes for a good romance novel.  Without being sparked and livened up by Uranus, Neptune fantasy may degenrate into just the same old “happily ever after” story.

It is human nature, I feel, to fantasize about the same thing over and over.  Sexual fantasies are often of this repetitive nature.  People often return to fantasies and slowly build them.  the purposse of fantasies is to meet expectations, and expectations (Neptune) are the exact opposite of surprises (Uranus).

What really keeps fantasies (Neptune) alive is experimentation and invention (Uranus).  There is something about Neptune that always wants to chain us to recurrent patterns, and the only way to not fall into this Neptunian prison is to make sure we have enough Uranian independence and freedom to survive it

Neptune also rules drug addiction, which takes away one’s freedom (Uranus).  Treatment centers free one (Uranus) from the world for awhile in an attempt to help an individual to become independent (Uranus) from their addiction (Neptune).

I have just had Saturn go over my Neptune, and right now my Uranus is being activated by transiting Mars — and this is my first full day of no cigarettes!  I quite smoking in 1991, and started again 6 weeks ago, when transiting Saturn was almost exactly on my Neptune.  In some odd way I feel I’ve gotten something I can’t quite define out of this 6 week addiction — it feels like something in me was trying to more deeply understand my own addictive nature, as well as give myself something to make up for other things I couldn’t have.

It feels like the smoking’s over now.  I’ll let you know in a few days!

And by the way, I consider this the beginning of my Astrodiary, and I just noticed that I am starting it while Mars is going through Gemini and right on the midpoint of my Mercury/Uranus conjunction in Gemini!  What could be more perfect!

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