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9/10/2011 150 150 John Sandbach

I’m changing the format of my “daily vibe.”  Instead of putting the degree that the Sun rises in each day, I’m going to discuss various degrees the outer planets are passing through.  Pluto is now in the 5th degree of Capricorn (from 9/27 – 10/6/2011).  The symbol for this degree is “A PHOTOGRAPHER HAND-COLORING A LANDSCAPE.”  (Omega series).  The point of this symbol is that we are always bringing to our world the force of our own imagination.  We may use harsh or ugly colors to do so, or we may transform it by making it brighter and more vivid.  Pluto as the planet of obsession means that some of us may obsessively keep coloring it in the same old dreary and limiting way, but all of us are being challenged to remake the world through creatively re-envisioning it in a more beautiful and meaningful manner.

The 5th degree of any sign is about always and forever digging deeper, so what we all need to do now is to profoundly delve into the issues of what really works and what is truly practical in the spiritual cosmic sense (Capricorn).

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