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8/21/2011 150 150 John Sandbach

Sunday, august 21st, 2011:  Symbol for the day:  Sun in 29 Leo:  :  A MERMAID SHOWING SAILORS TO AN ENCHANTED ISLAND.

This is a day for seeking the emotional places within ourselves of safety, refuge and beauty.  We cannot and should not repress our negative feelings, but what we can do to feed ourselves emotionally is make contact with our love and our joy, which are always and forever there, even though sometimes they seem difficult to find.

Thought for the day:  A Venus/North Node conjunction signifies a need in this lifetime to experience beauty at deeper and deeper levels — to recognize and reveal hidden beauty, and to continually find places of harmony and peace that can be shared with others and the world.  It challenges one to appreciate every step along the path rather than trying to hard to race to the goal.

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