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8/18/2011 150 150 John Sandbach

Thursday, August 18th, 2011:  Symbol for the day:  Sun in 16 Leo:  A FIRE BURNS AT THE BOTTOM OF AN OLD WELL.  (Chandra series).  Based on Kabbalistic numerology, this is a Cancer/Jupiter day

This is a day for discovering new energy deep within, and for reconnecting with ourselves and getting in touch with our creative spirit.  Get in touch with what you know to be your own truth, and hold on to it passionately.  Express your own personal magic.

Thought for the day:  The positive significance of Aquarius is connection, support, positive reinforcement and the building of the future.  The negative significance is negative reinforcement, elitism, egotism based on exclusivity and the attempt to control and limit the future.  Now does it make more sense that we’re in the Aquarian age?

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