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8/13/2011 150 150 John Sandbach

Saturday, August 13th, 2011:  Symbol for the day:  Sun in 21 Leo:  ON TOP OF A MESA A LAKE OF PURE, DEEP BLUE.  (Omega series).  Based on Kabbalistic Nnmerology this is a Fire element day.

This is a day for tuning into the higher, purer clearer emotions within us, a day for focusing on what we love and the peace which it can bring us.  Leo is the sign of joy, and in this degree it is revealed that joy is an eternal state at our core which we can find and tap into.

Thought for the day:   Strong Saturn/Moon aspects in a chart signify that the individual must learn to deal with his or her negative and most difficult emotions.  The negative tendency of these aspects is to avoid painful feelings by repressing or denying them.  When these challenging feelings are addressed directly, though, a profound peace and deep emotional stability are eventually found.


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