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7/14/2011 150 150 John Sandbach

Thursday, July 14th, 2011:  Symbol for the day:  Sun in  22 Cancer:  “BUNCHES OF WATERCRESS GROWING BY A COOL SPRING.”  (Chandra series).  (This is a Moon day).

If you position yourself where the flow is happening you will feel cool, rejuvenated and refreshed.  Keep this day simple.  A clean and fresh outlook is nourishing to both yourself and others.  Spontaneous sharing can be marvelously revitalizing now.

Thought for the day:  It is in the nature of emotions to flow and not for them to stagnate.  When you find yourself getting snagged by something you’ll find that if you take a moment to feel what you’re feeling, and allow yourself to have and embrace your feelings, they will melt away, the positive ones leaving you with a wonderful afterglow, the negative ones disintegrating into the mulch they want to become.

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