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Just got through doing a reiki session. The reiki energy is something you find. Once you feel it you just let it be, let your attention be with it. Allowing it increases the flow of the energy.
When I finished the person, who had never had reiki before asked me if I was drained. I said no, in fact, I felt like I had had a treatment. This is as it should be. By channelling the energy the practitioner is in the energy him/herself and can be just as refreshed and healed by it as the person receiving.

Reiki is not about doing, its about being — being in the energy. It is very influenced by your beliefs. If you believe that extraneous thoughts will disrupt the flow of the energy, they can,and will. So don’t believe that. My reiki works best when I allow my emotions generously into it. How much I love the person I’m working on! How good this feels! How I can feel it creating harmony, and how wonderful that feels.

The last thing you want to do is wonder if you’re doing the right thing. You can’t make a mistake. Know the energy is there, know you are accessing it, and know that it’s going to the right place.
When people are doing reiki they are always wondering where to put their hands. Never, never forget that the reiki energy has intelligence. It will go where it needs to go, go to where it can get through at the time, and will modify the person’s energy field in such a way that as the energy works, they will become more open and accessible to it.

Let your hands go wherever they want. Let them say as long as they want in any one place, or change as often as they want. It is sometimes true that if you find yourself changing hand positions alot, it may be because you are insecure or uncertain about where to put them. If you find this to be the case, just leave them where they are, and don’t move them until you truly feel the impulse to do so.

The feet are such a nice place to work because they have reflexes on them to every single part of the body. When you work on feet the energy can move easily from there to anywhere else it needs to go.

As I am writing this I can feel reiki energy coming out of my hands into the computer and onto the screen. So I am giving you a reiki treatment as you read these words. The energy knows who’s going to read the words, and will wait in them until you come to read them, and will stay in the words until each and every person who is going to read them had read them! Don’t try to make sense of this. When you try to make sense of reiki, you interrupt the flow of the energy. The energy is the essence of sense, a deep, far-reaching sense beyond the limits of logic as we know it.

I have wanted for so long to write this blog on reiki, and have hesitated wondering what I was going to say. Now I realize that its the reiki energy that wants to speak, and all I need to do is let it.

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