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Aquarius 22. A master healer is gradually restructuring someone’s body.


Rasolyp Terns, a famous body alchemist of Aab was feared by many, though those courageous enough to experience his work said that through submitting to it their whole lives had been changed.

He demanded that his patients commit themselves to 100 sessions.  During many of these it seemed that nothing happened, except maybe for a subtle vibrating they felt within.  But then when the time was right a session might occur in which Terns would reach deep into them with fiery fingers of light and grasp something, twisting it, pulling it, or setting it on fire with the heat emanating from him.  Intense feelings of pain or joy might be felt during this, laughter or sobbing, or an uncontrollable writhing.  In one case a woman burst into flames and spoke of an excruciating feeling of being tickled to death — though she emerged from the session unscarred, and in fact, glowing with a renewed beauty.

When the hundred sessions was over the patient invariably felt as ihis or her body had been profoundly renewed.  One woman announced that she had a new name, and had, in fact, no memory of her old one.

Over time Terns became known as “The Birther,” though some called him, respectfully “the Bringer of Death.”

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