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I was born in San Fransisco, California on May 19th, 1948 and at the age of two came to Kansas City, Missouri where I currently reside. Astrology has been my full-time profession since 1966. In the early years of my practice I was self taught, but as time went on I studied with many different people, and collected a wealth of information and techniques to enhance my work.
In the forty-five years I have been in practice I have studied many different types of astrology, including traditional, psychological, esoteric, Arabian and Indian.  For years I traveled to many places in America where I conducted astrological classes and workshops and worked as an astrological consultant.  I currently teach students on a one-on-one basis, either in person or by phone.
I majored in Art History in college, and have had extensive training in Gestalt therapy. I opted to take Gestalt training to refine my astrology readings and to intensify my ability to relate to clients, so that I could communicate the energies of their chart to them in the most therapeutic way possible.
Although I no longer prepare written reports for clients, during the time I did I wrote over 10,000 pages of astrological analyses for people – that’s over two and a half million words. With this kind of experience behind me, I have an ability to look deeply into an individual’s chart and to see things which many other astrologers might miss. I am dedicated to excellence in my work. Astrology is both an art and a science, but for me it is primarily an art, and each reading I do is an individual work of art.
I know many of the most prominent astrologers living today, and am considered by my peers to be a leading practitioner in the astrological field. The astrologer Noel Tyl, author of many textbooks on astrology has referred to me as “an astrological genius.”


As well as being an astrologer, I also paint, sculpt in clay, and write poetry. For several years I have specialized in writing haiku, a sort poem of Japanese origin. My haiku have been published in the Japanese haiku journal “Ginyu,” published by Banya Natsuishi, one of Japan’s leading haiku poets. Natuishi has praised my work very highly. In 2002 “Step Into Sky,” a book of 100 of my haiku was published by Happa-no-kofu press in Tokyo Japan, with an introduction by Natsuishi. I have also published two other books of  haiku,  “Wrinkled Sea,” and “A Dragonfly and Facts.” I also taught Chinese somatic therapy techniques at Massage Therapy Training Institute in Kansas City for 10 years, as well as classes in Reiki (a Japanese form of energy healing), gem and mineral therapy, and reflexology.


I have written the following books on astrology and related fields:

“The Dwads: Degree Analysis and Deeper Meanings” (two volumes), published by Seek-It Publications, Rochester, MI. This is a technical work meant as a textbook for practicing astrologers.
The astrologer Ellias Lonsdale has written an elaboration of volume two of my work. His book is called “Inside Degrees” (published by North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA). His book and mine describe an extremely powerful technique known as degree astrology, a method used by the ancient Vedic astrologers of India that is based on a psychic pictorial image for each degree of the zodiac. I use degree astrology in all my readings to uncover karmic patterns in the chart, revealing much information that is hidden and subtle about you.

“Planetary Containments: A Study of 990 Combinations” published by Seek-It Publications, Rochester, MI
This is also a text for practicing astrologers. It describes a simple technique first found by French practitioners, and is the only extensive work ever written on the subject. Currently available from Amazon.com.

“The Mysteries of Color” published by Aries Press, Chicago, IL
I teach a course in color therapy at a local massage school in Kansas City and use this book as a text. It describes the psychological and metaphysical meanings of color as well as methods for applying color therapeutically. Currently available from Amazon.com.

“The Golden Cycle: A Text on the Tarot” published by Seek-It Publications, Rochester, MI
This book is a synthesis of astrology, linguistics, numerology, metaphysics and other disciplines. My approach to the tarot is spiritual, and uses the tarot as a tool to assist the unfoldment of consciousness.

“Astrology, Alchemy and the Tarot” published by Seek-It Publications, Rochester, MI
This is a metaphysical explanation of the relationship of the astrological planets and signs to the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Currently available from Amazon.com.


My primary goal is to help people understand themselves more fully, so that they can achieve true happiness and fulfillment in their lives. All of us have an abundance of powers and abilities, many of them as yet undiscovered. Because of restrictive social programming most of us have been programmed to be unaware of our inner lives. This has caused many of us to become stuck in frustration, depression, and an inability to cope with our problems. Astrology, when used in a spiritual manner can reconnect us with our inner selves, help us to explore the hidden realms of our being, and through doing so reveal new potentials that can bring us fulfillment.
In the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas it is stated, “if you bring forth that which is within you, it will save you.” Through revealing to others the astrological forces at work in their lives I am attempting to help people bring forth that which is within, so that they can be who they truly are, and let go of those false personalities and needlessly limiting beliefs and assumptions their parents and society have projected onto them.
Although my readings are at root spiritual in nature, I am very aware of people’s practical needs as they live their lives in the world. In every aspect of my work I am always attempting to help people find ways of creatively applying their personal resources to practical concerns. My ultimate goal is to help people be who they really are, for the more all of us manifest our true nature, the more wonderful and harmonious our existence here on earth will become.


NATAL ANALYSIS – This is an overview of your whole life. It helps you to understand what is most unique about you, what potential problems you might have, and provides suggestions for how you can best deal with them. I tailor this reading to your personal needs – if, for instance, you are having financial difficulties, I will focus on the area of prosperity and help you to discover new ways of being financially successful. Here is a partial list of what areas can be potentially covered in a natal reading:

Health — dietary advice, and information on how your personal psychological makeup affects your physical well-being.

Finance – Not all methods of enhancing prosperity work for everyone. I can help you to understand what ways will work for you so that you can achieve greater financial success.

Romance – what to look for in a mate, together with problems you may encounter in interpersonal relationships and how to solve them.

Career – the best way to go about making career changes, your relationship with employers and employees, how to advance in your career

Friendship – what kinds of people you tend to draw to you and will be most comfortable with. How to go about making new friends.

Travel – how to maximize your pleasure traveling; what you can gain from travells

Education – the easiest and most effective ways for you to learn.

Your intuition and psychic abilities and how to develop them

How others see you and how you can use this to your benefit; how to improve your self-concept.

How you can communicate more effectively. Through giving you insight into how your mind works, I can help you toward greater awareness in communication.

Your relationship to your family and how to overcome dysfunctional family patterns.

Your home, and buying and selling real estate

Your creativity, and how to develop it

Your relationship to spirituality and religion

FORECAST READING – In this session I describe the sorts of energies at work in your life over the next six months or year – you choose the time length. The six-month reading is more detailed, since all my astrological sessions are one hour. This reading helps you to understand what sorts of forces are at work in your life currently and in the near future.

COMPATABILITY ANALYSIS – In this reading I compare your chart with another person to see in what areas of life you are most likely to be compatible, and in what areas you are likely to have problems or conflicts. This can greatly help you and another person to understand how to get along better, and how to make your relationship a success. I can also tell you of certain periods in the future during which it will be easier to communicate, or when problems or conflicts could arise.

BUSINESS READING – Taking the time for the birth of your business I draw up a chart which can show you the various cycles affecting it. This chart can show how to handle employees, relate to the public, when to expand, when not to, and other factors that can enhance the success of your business.

TAROT READING — This service can be used to answer any and all questions you may have. Tarot cards are for me a way of accessing my intuition to help you solve problems and see more clearly the forces at work in your life.
I also do past life readings using the Tarot. I have found that through accessing past lives I can help you to understand the hidden energies underlying and affecting the problems and challenges you are currently having. Oftentimes when a person is made more aware of these past life energies, new insights are provided into current difficulties.


To contact me for a reading you may call me at 816 – 5616199 and leave a message, or send me an email at [email protected]. I will then return your call to set up a time for an hour or half hour reading. To do an astrological reading I will need the following: 1) your name 2) year, month, and day of birth, 3) your time of day of birth as accurately as can be ascertained 4) your place of birth 5) a phone number or email where you can be reached.

All of my services are currently $300 per hour. All astrology readings are one hour in length. Tarot readings are either one hour or a half hour for $150. All readings must be prepaid by paypal, which I must have received before the time of the scheduled reading.


Do you tape me reading for me?

No. If you desire for your reading to be taped, you need to provide your own setup.

Do you give out gift certificates?

Yes. If you send me the proper fees and provide me with the name and address of the person to whom you wish to give the reading, I’ll be happy to send them a gift certificate.

If I have any questions after you’ve completed my reading, can I call you with questions?

Of course. The charge for this service is $2 per minute.

Can you do a reading for me on someone else’s chart?

Yes, with their written permission.

Do I need to receive a reading of my natal chart from you before I get a forecast reading?

No. You may receive any type of reading from me at any time you want. Your needs are what is most important to me, and the work I do for you is built around fulfilling those needs.

Can I call you just to chat and meet you over the phone so I can get a better idea of who you are?

Yes, I’m open to that. If I’m not there leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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