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Lunar Mansions 1 – 3

Lunar Mansions 1 – 3

Lunar Mansions 1 – 3 150 150 John Sandbach

Lunar Mansion 1 (Ruler: Mercury): The cycle of Lunar Mansions can be symbolized by the life cycle of a human being, with the moment of the New Moon being the moment of the birth of a new cycle and the death of the former one. Lunar Mansion 1 is then the new-born baby, primitive, instinctive, and open to all the impressions around him/herself.

A false idea that is to be strictly avoided is that this in any way coincides with one’s level of evolution. THE ASTROLOGICAL BIRTH CHART DOES NOT SHOW A PERSON’S LEVEL OF EVOLUTION, FOR A DOG OR A BUG OR A PLANT CAN BE BORN AS THE SAME TIME AS A HUMAN. A soul might come into incarnation during the 1st Lunar Mansion and be a very evolved soul indeed, could already even be in a state of enlightenment. But even if he/she is, their core essence will carry the instinctual, impressionable energy characteristic of a baby.

The 1st Lunar Mansion’s inherent tendency is joyfulness. Unfortunately, this tendency receives very little support from society, which expects its members to grow up and be about the supposedly SERIOUS business of living.

More than anything else, the 1st Lunar Mansion needs the PROPER ENVIRONMENT IN WHICH TO DWELL. He/she is naturally receptive, that is, soaking up the world around them. This is why they need to avoid toxic and non-supportive environments. It is not in their nature to be aggressive. At their highest manifestation they are links between this world and the unseen world – impressionable to the vibrations of higher forces and so able to communicate those forces into this realm.

This phase needs to be very careful not to worry about success, because if they try to achieve it they will be buying into the agendas of the world, which will dis-empower them. And as they are so greatly impressionable they need to beware of environments that overstimulate them, or which are chaotic.

At their purest they are capable of projecting unconditional love, which becomes a kind of universal lubricant that assists and encourages members of all other phases to carrying on their work. They are capable of uniting with the experience of the moment so fully that by doing so they spontaneously bring healing energy to it.

Lunar Mansion 2 (Ruler: Virgo): This person has strong feelings, ideas and impulses which arise from their instinct and not out of the workings of their intellect. They need to let go of the need to justify themselves by having reasons for what they are doing, or intellectual arguments to explain their actions and ideas. It is only when they give up such attempts at justification that they can fully be who they really are and achieve fulfillment.

They are at their best when they keep ACTING, keep DOING things based on what their instinct is telling them to do. This is far more fulfilling that trying in vain to always be explaining WHY they’re doing what they’re doing. They can’t explain their actions because they DON’T REALLY KNOW WHY THEY TO THINGS AND DON’T NEED TO KNOW. If they repress these impulses to act, those impulses can turn poisonous and manifest as anger, which won’t get them anywhere. If this person gets into a habit of lashing out at hindrances that he decides have deliberately been placed before him on purpose just to thwart him, he will be creating a neurotic loop that holds him in an ever-tightening and vicious circle. The way to overcome this is to see all difficulties as learning experiences, and to be open to whatever they are trying to teach him/her.

This person needs to be careful of too much inward introspection, which they may engage in because they are avoiding action because of an inability to intellectually justify themselves. This person would be better off doing moving meditation, like tai chi, or yoga, rather than keeping their body completely still. They tend to benefit greatly from physical activity and having challenging projects to engage in.

At their best, this person is very alive, and their aliveness can stimulate the life force of other people.

Lunar Mansion 3 (Ruler: Libra): This person needs to listen to what their instincts are telling them and to follow them. As long as they connect with the flow of the present moment, they can be very effective. Their greatest challenge is to track with the energy they are feeling and to follow wherever it is leading – even if they can’t explain it to others. They are wonderful when they are being spontaneous, and they need to let their spontaneous impulses flow forth freely from them into action.

If the person, out of fear, tries to manipulate what is going on around him rather than just flow with it, he will find himself divided from the moment, out of sync with himself, and so living in disharmony. Abstractions are just not his thing, and if he tries to use them as defenses or weapons he will find that this simply doesn’t work. One of the worst things he/she could possibly get into is trying to control things. You can’t control the wave, but if you harmonize your attention with it, you can be a great surfer.

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