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The Life Approach (2)

The Life Approach (2)

The Life Approach (2) 150 150 John Sandbach

The following interpretations cover the instances where two out of the four planetary departments are activated by major aspect, with the other two not having a major aspect between their two planets. You will find one of these six possibilities present in about 40% of the charts that you do.

11. Sun/Moon (Vitality) and Jupiter/Saturn (Motivation) both activated by major aspect: The individual with this combination tends to take a personal approach to the circumstances of life. That means, essentially, that no matter what he involved him/herself in, the tendency is to take whatever happens personally.

We hear people say so often, “You shouldn’t take that personally!” in an attempt to try to help the person they are speaking to. Actually taking things personally can be a positive thing. It can signify a teacher who gets to know his/her students individually, and who will try to work with each and every circumstance of life that comes up as a unique scenario that requires unique responses. In other words, “personal” here may translate as “personable.”

Queen Elizabeth II has this situation in her chart, and her great popularity over the years is because she seems like a real person to the people – she approaches her job personably.

On the darker side, Hermann Goering also had this setup in his chart – another very personable leader, who, in fact, as Marc Jones says, “encouraged millions of the German people to think of him affectionately as “The Man.”

12. Venus/Mars (Efficiency) and Uranus/Neptune (Significance) both activated by major aspect: This person takes an impersonal approach to circumstances. They might, sometimes, seem cold, distant, or aloof, but this mindset might aid them in focusing on what they are doing, and help to insulate them against negative criticism, censure, or any kind of chaos or static that might disrupt someone else, who, if involved in the same circumstances did not have this setup in their chart.

13. Sun/Moon (Vitality) activated with Venus/Mars (Efficiency): This person tends to focus on their function in life, and to do so objectively. This can mean that self-fulfillment for them will require at least some amount of self-discipline. This person tends to play a definite role in life. They figure out what this role requires, and then try to fulfill those requirements.

14. Jupiter/Saturn (Motivation) activated with Uranus/Neptune (Significance): These people, like #13 above are also playing a role in life, but with this combination the functioning is subjective, that is, rather than focusing on what is needed from them by the outside world they look within to see what it is they have to give to the world, and then their role and functioning is based on this. These people need to allow their role in life to come forth from themselves.

Both numbers 13 and 14 are like actors playing roles on the stage of life, with number 13 playing their role more methodically and consciously, and number 14 merging with the character they have conceived and playing more by instinct. Both of these types can be uncompromising and self-obsessed. Remember, though, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

15. Sun/Moon (Vitality) activated with Uranus/Neptune (Significance): This person focus on ACTIVITY – on what they are DOING, and does so in a conjunctive way, meaning they are not apt to let anything get in their way as the proceed with their agendas, and refuse to allow their actions to be thwarted by trivialities. They are willing to try anything and everything to see if it will suit their purposes, and are always trying to connect what they are doing with what others are doing and to what is going on around them.

This person is intent on working with the structures they find already in place in the world around them. They are trying to be a part of things.

16. Jupiter/Saturn (Motivation) activated with Venus/Mars (Efficiency): This person also focuses on ACTIVITY, but unlike #15 does so in a disjunctive way. They want to sample many different things because they are trying to get a feel for all the various energies around them so they can assess how they might be used. They tend to take different sorts of energies from many different areas of life and then to put those energies together in their own individual way. They love to experiment, and the ultimate purpose of their experiments is self-discovery.

This person, rather than working with the structures they find already in place in the world around them are intent on creating their own customized structures for themselves.

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