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(36) Omega Symbols: Taurus 16 – 30

(36) Omega Symbols: Taurus 16 – 30

(36) Omega Symbols: Taurus 16 – 30 150 150 John Sandbach

16. At the bottom of a gorge, a river turbulent with rapids.

You have strong emotions when tend to go their own way and be unswayed by the influences of other people. You need to follow whatever evokes your passion, for this is what will fulfill and empower you. When the outer world disrupts you it is often best that you withdraw to pursue your own impulses.

17. A book patiently waiting to spill forth its vast and profound knowledge.

You have accumulated much wisdom in past lives, and continue to do so in this one. There is so much in you of value to others, even though they may not fully realize this. You desire to share, but may often have to wait for the right time and place to do so. The more you accept rather than doubt your worth, the more clearly you will be able to pursue your own special path.

18. Gently, a man caresses a thorn tree.

You have a delicacy of approach to life that helps you to deal with difficult and/or sensitive situations. This is a real gift. You are a peacemaker who understands instinctively the innate needs of people and situations. Your energy can encourage people to let down their defenses so that they are able to share more fully.

19. A bottle of gold dust gathered from many places over many years.

You understand the value of little things, and of how even the seemingly most insignificant thing can reflect cosmic truth. This causes you to be able to learn from almost anything. Your powers of observation are very great, for something in you knows how to look for what is most valuable in a situation. All you need to do is continue on with this, and in time it can lead you to great success.

20. A man performing a complicated weaving pattern from memory.

You can know just what to do as long as you can avoid getting in the way of yourself. Conscious and rational decision making often doesn’t work for you. When you turn off your mind and go with your impulses, your creativity can emerge beautifully and carry you through even the most difficult of situations.

21. Bending over and lowering her palms, a woman projects colors into the Earth.

Ahthough you may not be conscious of it, your energy is healing and soothing. You take a gentle approach to all that you do, and this imbues your actions with a positive and uplifting note. You don’t see any task as too difficult or too large, but are always willing to take on anything, and proceed as best you can.

22. A man drinking a tonic that causes rainbow colors to spread throughout his

You allow experiences to affect you deeply. This helps you to understand them, and through this to resolve or overcome challenges. The problem is, this process can take time, and before it’s complete can be confusing. You are not one to take the easy way out – and should never try to. You are always willing to move forward, even when you know the way could be difficult.

23. Inside a tornado, a spiral staircase.

In the midst of turbulence you are able to remain calm. You have a tremendous ability to stick with the most difficult of situations and to see them through. Though energies may be furiously whirling around you, you hold to your course, and are intent on your course no matter how arduous it may be to follow.

24. A man cataloging thousands of different types of microbes.

You have a desire to completely and thoroughly understand the world around you. You sense all sorts of helping as well as harmful influences at work in the world, and are desirous of comprehending their workings. You are at your best when you use this knowledge to help others, rather than getting entranced with knowledge purely for its own sake.

25. A holographic computer.

You have a way of making things clearer to other people. Your vividness of perception can assist others in understanding their dilemmas more fully. As they get a clearer idea of what they are dealing with they are much more likely to move forward in their lives. Yours is the gift of being able to make experience more real to others.

26. All over the city, words on scraps of paper flowing through the sewers.

You are aware of all the mind garbage that floats around in the world, and have a gift for being able to look beyond it into higher realms of purity and harmony. Your non-attachment to thought processes can cause you to be more directly in tune with the immediate energies at work in a situation, and to ground and focus others.

27. A greenhouse full of tropical plants set in a snowy landscape.

You hold to your way of being no matter what environment you’re in. You have an instinct for being able to isolate yourself from whatever will be harmful or non-life supporting to you. You go your own way in a manner that many others find compelling, admirable, and worth of emulating. Yours can be a quite positive use of stubbornness.

28. A man channeling a set of degree symbols.

You intuitively understand how energy works, and perceive overall patterns in life in all their complexity. You may find it difficult, though, to enter directly into experience, for you often can’t decide where or how to jump in. You need to learn how to put aside thought and act spontaneously – even if it means at times stumbling or falling.

29. A man reaches out to touch a marble statue. He feels it smiling.

You can feel the aliveness of everything around you, whether animate or inanimate, on the physical plane, or on others. When connected to your core you are vitally in tune to your world, and through your caring you’re able to awaken joy and positivity in whatever you touch. You can heal through unconditional positive rapport.

30. Beings from many dimensions attracted to an immense white flame.

You sense a pure, central force radiating through the whole universe, and though you may not conceive of it consciously in these cosmic terms, your attitude communicates the feeling that nothing is by itself important, that everything is important in its highest spiritual context, and that we are all truly one, travelling in the same direction toward the white flame of enlightenment.

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