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(169) The Pleadian Symbols

(169) The Pleadian Symbols

(169) The Pleadian Symbols 150 150 John Sandbach

Here is a complete listing of the mutated Sabian Symbols which I have recently channeled. If you’re wondering why the thirty degrees of each sign is number with roman numerals rather than regular ones, its because I have no idea how to turn off the numbering system of my word processing program, which screws up in a variety of different ways when I try to number with regular numerals. I hope all of you gain meaningful insights from applying these to your charts. And, of course, as always, I’d love to hear your responses.



I: A mermaid and an octopus lovingly embracing.
II: A story teller senses exactly which stories his listeners need to hear.
III: On Mars a great face the size of a mountain gazes into the night sky.
IV: The thoughts and feelings of two lovers are changing the direction of the path on which they are walking.
V: Gently a feather falls from the sky, settling on a gigantic pyramid.
VI: A labyrinth which appears to have to entrance.
VII: After death a man sees golden filaments connecting his various lives.
VIII: A flock of winged serpents cavorting in the air.
IX: A man wandering through a wondrous landscape inside a crystal sphere.
X: At the touch of a magician’s hand a text in a forgotten tongue is spontaneously translated.
XI: A flickering fire creates the illusion of laughter as it reflects off a golden effigy.
XII: A group of spirits flying through the sky toward their home in the north.
XIII: A crowd of people sensing a sudden shift in group karma.
XIV: A conversation interrupted by the writhings of a snake.
XV: An old magician forming golems out of clay.
XVI: The spirits of gems rising out of the ground at dusk.
XVII: An ancient crone and her shadow talking to each other.
XVIII: Deep in the forest Titania’s ancient stone throne covered with moss.
XIX: A rug grows larger and larger, sprouting grass, trees, and flowers as it turns into a landscape.
XX: A young girl feeding diamonds to a flock of baby phoenixes.
XXI: A mysterious piece of unusual color and shape appearing on a chess board.
XXII: A Path into the forest dwindles then disappears.
XXIII: A gentle woman carrying an immense soap bubble
XXIV: Shadows of a lace curtain moving on a wall.
XXV: A messenger has forgotten the message he was to deliver.
XXVI: Jars of spices and bars of gold and silver heaped in a closet.
XXVII: Seven women in white carrying lamps enter a cave.
XXVIII: An audience waits while the playwright finishes writing his play.
XXIX: In voices too low to be heard a forest of trees are talking to each other.
XXX: White birds swimming on a pond seem to glow in the twilight.


I: In mountain pines in spring the sound of rushing water.
II: Sheet lightning flickering in soft, shifting colors.
III: The last few steps to the top of a hill opens a vision of an ocean far below.
IV: In a shadowy place in a forest an iridescent fire arises from the ground.
V: Tears falling into a seemingly bottomless chasm.
VI: A bridge of swaying vines across a canyon.
VII:At a well a large cask filled with cool water.
VIII: A solitary wheel rolling through a forest.
IX: A tree heavy with apples of pure gold.
X: An angel of healing waiting to be summoned.
XI: Fairies enshrouding a garden in mist.
XII: A stream of visitors viewing ancient artifacts.
XIII: Sacred artifacts being secretly vacated from a city.
XIV: A child building a little sand castle on the beach.
XV: An invisible man shrouded in clothing.
XVI: A novice mispronouncing many words in a sacred text.
XVII: Light and mirrors dancing with each other.
XVIII: A white butterfly enters a dark room through a window and flutters about momentarily before leaving.
XIX: A magic mountain rises out of the waters.
XX: The clouds hurry: they’re late for an appointment.
XXI: A hand on a page is feeling the deeper meaning of the words.
XXII: A yellow butterfly fluttering over a vast ocean.
XXIII: Antique diamonds glittering in a dusty old display case.
XXIV: A shaman’s bag full of many objects to be used for healing.
XXV: A vast lawn with fountains and waterfall in the distance.
XXVI: A harpist singing an ancient song in moonlight.
XXVII: Wrinkled hands caress a piece of turquoise.
XXVIII: A nude youth handing a rose to a vestal virgin.
XXIX: With tiny files and chisels a man is sculpting clouds of mist from white alabaster.
XXX: Strange exotic birds have gathered at the ruins of an old palace.


I: Deep in the sea a mirror watches the sky.
II: Trolls seeding a meadow with gold nuggets.
III: In spring old people sitting along garden paths and enjoying the flowers.
IV: A magician searching for rare herbs.
V: a journal of experimental poetry.
VI: A sinkhole opens up into the earth.
VII: Looking down into a well a man sees, far below, his face.
VIII: The factory machines all stop for a moment. A celestial Choir is heard.
IX: Sharp, tiny darts whose tips have been dipped in flower elixirs.
X: A pterodactyl soaring to get a better look at the stars.
XI: Right before the museum closes a man hides in a painting.
XII: An imp is causing all sorts of misprints in a book.
XIII: A man and his piano levitate as he performs a rhapsody.
XIV: Deep in a cave on the moon a dreamer dreams of prehistoric jungles.
XV: Words from a conversation drift up into the sky and are carried away by winds.
XVI: A diva singing a passionate aria as the stage burns.
XVII: In the mental body a web of golden light flickers with energy.
XVIII: Chinese characters appearing in the air as men speak to each other.
XIX: A book that only allows itself to be opened by certain people.
XX: An immense buffet of foodstuffs prepared with exotic and magical herbs.
XXI: Magically the trolls make the stones weightless as the build the castle.
XXII: Humans and many types of animals carrying out an elaborate dance.
XXIII: A faint pink flame flickering at the top of an ancient oak tree.
XXIV: A giant mandala being cut into the ice of a lake.
XXV: An old, twisted tree, leafless, on which flowers of many colors are blooming.
XXVI: Ice devas decorating a forest.
XXVII: A man covered with charms, talismans and strange jewelry is emerging from a forest.
XXVIII: Leaving his wealth behind, a man wanders away.
XXIX. At dawn the calls of birds mingle with dreams.
XXX: Women lounging in the mist of ocean spray.


I: On a passing boat a flag continually changing its colors and patterns.
II: A man standing on the top of an invisible mountain.
III: A seemingly endless journey through frozen tundra.
IV: A dragon conferring its powers on a maiden.
V: Coming to a fork in the road a man has a surprising realization.
VI: On crags by the sea a mythical golden bird is building its nest.
VII: Dancing in and out of the shadows, two fairies dancing down a lane on a windy night.
VIII: Rabbits in elegant dress dancing with each other at a masked ball.
IX: A sylph reaches into a pool to caress a fish.
X: A rough diamond with a groove carved around it so that it may be worn on a cord.
XI: All sorts of emotions flicering over a man’s face.
XII: A woman breast feeding a baby is seeing in her mind its former incarnations.
XIII: A palm reader runs her finger slowly and gently down a life line.
XIV: At night a visionary is peering over the curver of the horizon.
XV: After a feast everyone falls asleep.
XVI: A researcher looking through secret archives.
XVII: A plant thought to be extinct comes to life from a seed that chanced to fall by the wayside.
XVIII. A mother bird and her chicks taking a dust bath.
XIX: A conquerer weds a foreign bride.
XX: Singing and laughter echoing through a network of canals.
XXI: A woman lying on a stage as she sings and dies.
XXII: Sensing that a boat is soon arrive, a woman journeys to the shore.
XXIII: Authors come together to read their works to each other.
XXIV: A woman climbs a mountain to witness sunset.
XXV: An invisible entity trying to contact a man.
XXVI: Silently a group of people are reading poems.
XXVII: A woman looks down into a canyon of swirling mists.
XXVIII: The princess of a tribe welcomes strangers from afar.
XXIX: The spirit of inspiration materializes two identical gems.
XXX: An ancient woman remembering the glories of past kings.


I: Not knowing what to say, a woman blushes.
II: Among a host of dreamers a dream spreads like wildfire.
III: A female priestess having her head shaved.
IV: An old wise man riding out of the forest on a stag.
V: Rocks which, by their shape, seem like people who look down from a great height.
VI: A woman decked out in beautiful finery conversing with another woman who is totally naked.
VII: A man’s astral body travels into the sky to see the stars more closely.
VIII: A new religion re-embodying ancient principles.
IX: Molten glass being wrought into fantastic forms.
X: At predawn a valley enveloped in mist.
XI: In the jungle people and monkeys climbing and swinging on vines.
XII: Wandering a lawn people watch the stars appearing.
XIII: An old man on a porch which looks out over a stormy sea.
XIV: Tiny balls of multicolored lights flickering through a forest.
XV: A play produced at a castle featuring lost travelers encountering denizens of a dark wood.
XVI: Sunlight glittering on falling rain.
XVII: Elaborate polyphonic music which seems to come from many different places at once.
XVIII: An alchemist conversing with his chemicals and equipment.
XIX: Revelers on a river raft floating to the ocean.
XX: Men and women in feathered bird costumes dancing in a circle.
XXI: Newly hatched birds joyously running and hopping through a meadow.
XXII: A bird delivering a message to a man trapped in a high tower.
XXIII: A ghostly white figure riding a horse in the twilight.
XXIV: An artist with wild hair in clothing covered with paint.
XXV: The tinkling of camel bells as a caravan crosses the desert.
XXVI: Turned in the hand a quarts crystal glimmers with rainbows.
XXVII: Waking at dawn, a woman realizes that her fever has broken.
XXVIII: A tree filled with birds who are chirping excitedly.
XXIX: a mermaid showing sailor’s to an enchanted island.
XXX: Continuing to reread a letter a woman keeps seeing new implications in the contents.


I: A man’s portrait peering with great intensity into a quiet room.
II: In a sacred cave a lingam of ice.
III: Tall guardians from a faraway star.
IV: Children dancing with a shadow.
V: Waking, a an remembers attending a fairy celebration deep in the woods.
VI: Revellers dancing around a maypole.
VII: Priestesses lounging in the cool shadows deep with a temple.
VIII: A man learning Tai Chi.
IX: A medium channeling a spirit drawing.
X: A gigantic shadow of a mountain shrinking as the sun rises.
XI: As a youth ages he grows to look less and less like his mother.
XII: The wind blows away a woman’s veil.
XIII: An angel of harmony comes to clear away confusion.
XIV: A man writing the history of an old, illustrious family.
XV: A lace handkerchief suffused with lavender scent.
XVI: An old monkey sitting on the stops of an abandoned temple.
XVII: Lava, as it flows into the sea, is creating new land.
XVIII: A sampler embroidered with letters and numbers subtly reveals the personality of its maker.
XIX: Youths riding the backs of dolphins.
XX: A caravan of gypsies traveling across a vast prairie.
XXI: A group of acrobats inventing new routines.
XXII: On a stone gate an insignia on which is found a gryphon, a snake, and an apple.
XXIII: A sinuous woman in black who is an adept in cat magic.
XXIV: A little girl hugging a puppy.
XXV: A woman dressed in mourning, smiling behind her transparent black veil.
XXVI: A worshiper lighting sandalwood incense in a temple dedicated to Ganesh.
XXVII: A famous geisha performing the tea ceremony.
XXVIII: Moonlight reflecting off the shiny head of an old man.
XXIX: A long sought after formula is finally found in a rare old book.
XXX: The locating of a particular frequency which, once tuned in to proliferates a wondrous harmony into the atmosphere.


I: A butterfly becoming transparent, its wings shimmering with rainbow colors.
II: As one climbs steps they turn into water which flows upward.
III: The Sun rises into a parallel universe.
IV: Deep in a cave gnomes sitting around a flickering fire.
V: Putting his ear to a coffin a man hears the whispering of poems.
VI: A wandering landscape searching for a canvas on which to dwell.
VII: A baby phoenix crawling forth from the ashes of its parent.
VIII: Secretly a torch burns for thousands of years in the ruins of an ancient city.
XIX: In the middle of the night three portraits converse with each other in whispers.
X: Torrential rapids descending into an utterly still and crystal-clear lake.
XI: A holy man lecturing to a group of mountains.
XII: Black butterflies emerging from a cave and becoming brilliantly colored as they enter the light.
XIII: Children watching sylphs floating through the air.
XIV: In bright sunlight an empty street and and a shadow disappearing around a corner.
XV: A spiral path that never seems to come to an end.
XVI: At the shore a flight of stairs disappearing into the water.
XVII: A man who has the ability to transfer information simply by touching someone.
XVIII: Lost children are found many years later. They haven’t aged.
XIX: Gypsies holding secret rites at a spring deep in a cave.
XX: People are learning just by being in close physical proximity to a great teacher.
XXI: A group on the beach watching ships returning laden with treasure.
XXII: Butterflies and dragonflies around a fountain splashing in sunlight.
XXIII: At dawn an anchorite ringing an ancient bell hanging in a tree.
XXIV: Out of a cocoon more and more butterflies emerging.
XXV: Writing keeps disappearing faster than it can be read.
XXVI: Above a deep chasm a group of butterflies flying.
XXVII: Above a city angels waiting for humans to contact them.
XXVIII: Walking on a rainbow people cross a dark ocean.
XXIX: Underground passageways are connecting the people who need to meet.
XXX: A tiny implant secretly placed in a man’s head. It is filled with vast stores of knowledge.


I: Delegates from afar traversing the Avenue of Sphinxes.
II: A crystal shatters releasing a cloud of dreams and memories.
III: Workers without any plans are building a labyrinth.
IV: A nuide woman holding a candle around which dances a moth.
V: Sharp rocks splashed, dripping with sea spray.
VI: A man using his intuition to search for fallen meteors.
VII: In ocean’s greenish depths a searcher for pearls.
VIII: At night the moon finds places to dance.
IX: A dentist performing a difficult root canal.
X: a stranger having supper with a group of friends.
XI: Dolphins carrying a shipwrecked man to safety.
XII: On a platform in the sky two people are waltzing.
XIII: An alchemist reworking a formula.
XIV: A sacred running carrying a message to the mountains.
XV: Inside an hourglass children playing.
XVI: The volcano goddess laughing.
XVII: A space alien infant given to a woman to be raised.
XVIII: Bells on horses’ feet sounding through falling leaves.
XIX: A bird imitating all the sounds of the jungle.
XX: At the play’s beginning a dark and empty stage.
XXI: An Egyptian pharaoh wanders into New York City.
XXII: Lurkers waiting to observe a bird once thought to be mythical.
XXIII: In twilight a forest alive with all sorts of creatures, some physical, others denizens from other planes.
XXIV: Visitors to the cave of a holy man.
XXV: A lost knight finds a hidden doorway into a mountain.
XXVI: At night the fires of wanderers dot the planes.
XXVII: A troup of strange dreams enters the sleeping city.
XXVIII: A man sleeping in a forest wakes to the distant fanfare of fairy trumpets.
XXIX: After an earthquake priceless artifacts are being carried away from a museum.
XXX: A man in a death’s head mask sitting quietly in a dark tree.


I: Gypsies wandering across Siberia set up camp for the night.
II: Winds racing across the sea.
III: Falling asleep for a moment a man sees how to win a chess game.
IV: A baby held upright is laughing as it takes each step.
V: A white owl taking in the energy of the full moon.
VI: On a ball court children chasing a large soap bubble.
VII: A glowing fairy flies into the room of a sleeping maiden.
VIII: Opals splintering and releasing colors.
IX: A woman leading her children up a dark tower.
X: In a woman’s blond hair flowing in the wind a man sees all sorts of pictures.
XI: In an old abandoned house a man finds a candle burning.
XII: A flag made of feathers comes loose and floats away.
XIII: A past life appears suddenly with crystal clarity.
XIV: The full moon, low in the sky, shines on the Great Pyramid, which casts a long shadow over the desert.
XV: A bear emerges from hibernation.
XVI: An albatross circling voyagers to Antarctica.
XVII: Sunlight flooding an altar covered with flowers.
XVIII: A man puts his ear to a daisy. Yes, it is laughing.
XIX: An island where birds thought to be extinct have secretly taken refuge.
XX: Through a wall of ice a crystal city sparkles in sunlight.
XXI: A boy and his dog wearing miner’s lamps exploring a cave.
XXII: Screens on which movies have been shown are being washed.
XXIII: A boat of wanderers arrives at an island where the Gods have their garden.
XXIV: A blue butterfly gently knocking at a door.
XXV: A sleeping child on a bed floating down a moonlit river.
XXVI: A man carrying a blank banner, hundreds of feet long, flowing in the wind.
XXVII: Sanding and sanding a sculptor iscarefully modulating and refining a curve.
XXVIII: A house built over a river.
XXIX: A flock of goats grazing on a vast lawn.
XXX: A man in a tall hat is reading omens in the smoke from an altar.


I: The king of an unknown land sends a letter to the known world.
II: A mysterious colored window used to contact other worlds.
III: A man drinks in the essence of a forgotten dream.
IV: For a journey down river people turn into eels.
V: Long boats on the way to festivities down river.
VI: Logs of sacred trees being finished to become columns in a temple.
VII: A man secretly writing down his visions.
VIII: Birds of man different colors flying out of a window.
IX: A winged fairy hovering and playing a tiny harp.
X: A bird sent by angels to lead sailors out of dangerous watrs.
XI: Wild birds flocking around temple ruins.
XII: A botanist explaining the structure of flowers.
XIII: A flame talking to a poet.
XIV: In a crypt a bas-relief of a woman holding a lotus by its stem.
XV: Butterflies and flowers appearing magically to comfort convalescents.
XVI: Dancers sweating and stripping off clothes as they work out.
XVII: A Moon Goddess stepping into a sacred pool.
XVIII: A glorious dragon of many colors embroidered onto a flag.
XIX: A child carefully carrying an immense stack of books.
XX: As a choir sings, angelic voices join in.
XXI: Runners relaying a message through the mountains.
XXII: The giving up of a famous magical sword.
XXIII: A medal struck to commemorate an historical event.
XXIV: A woman being interviewed for a position as priestess.
XXV: A merchant has his assistants unroll an immense rug of intricate deisgn.
XXVI: Tadpoles playing with naiads.
XXVII: Visitors to the hut of a great seer who lives in the mountains.
XXVIII: Under a gigantic glass dome all sorts of birds, some sitting in trees and others flying.
XXIX: A seer receives messages from wind sounds, rock patterns, and shadows.
XXX: The planning of an angelic city.


I: In the desert a way station to comfort travelers.
II: From a blue sky a torrent of rain suddenly begins to fall.
III: A shipwrecked sailor washes up on a tropical island.
IV: People lined up to receive hugs from a holy woman.
V: Many generations of a family speaking to each other across time.
VI: A ritual drama involving light, music, and stories of the gods.
VII: A baby dragon pecks its way out of an egg.
VIII: A master clothing designer’s creations displayed.
IX: A mystic symbol comes to life as a multicolored serpent
X: A flower wilts, shrinks, and disappears.
XI: A poet sleeping in the midst of his poems which are scattered everywhere around him.
XII: An escalator carrying people far into the sky.
XIII: The air suddenly turns cool as winds rise.
XIV: A caravan takes a shortcut through caves.
XV: Two crows in a tree watching lovers below embrace.
XVI: An historian through his writings attempts to capture the essence of the past.
XVII: Carvings of ferocious dogs with wings at the entrance to a temple.
XVIII: Removing a mask reveals a faceless man.
XIX: A stream gurgling through a recently burned forest.
XX: Across darkening waters a bird carries a sealed letter in its beak.
XXI: A great operatic diva is removing her costume and makeup.
XXII: Children playing amongst scattered and diverse toys.
XXIII: A gorilla conversing in sign language.
XXIV: As he is writing his memoirs a man recalls a long-ago love affair.
XXV: A butterfly, the two halves of it having completely different patterns and colors.
XXVI: A scientist measuring the mineral levels in a sample of water.
XXVII: During a tea ceremony a man briskly mixing tea with a whisk.
XXVIII: A botanist reading the rings in a cross section of an extremely old tree.
XXIX: A luna moth struggling out of a cocoon.
XXX: Thousands of many different types of wildflowers waving their heads in the wind.


I: Hundreds of merchants of all sorts of exotic items in a crowded bazaar.
II: A mole sleeping cozily in its burrow.
III: Hundreds of fallen columns in a lost city.
IV: At land’s end a woman regretfully turns back.
V: The feeding of the poor at a soup kitchen.
VI: The emperor’s retinue appears in elaborate gold regalia.
VII: Fragments of an antique colossus lying on a beach.
VIII: A monk blowing a conch shell.
IX: A pale naked man on a horse journeying through the forest.
X: A man soaring through the clouds on a glider.
XI: Men seeking a fabled sage are traveling deep into the forest with lanterns.
XII: A professor of symbology explaining a ritual.
XIII: On the anniversary of a famous battle a legendary sword is glowing.
XIV: A medicine woman wearing the talismans of her totem animals.
XV: A ballet master choreographing a complex ensemble.
XVI: A river of ideas and images entering our reality.
XVII: People dressed in a vivid array of colors come together to celebrate spring.
XVIII: An immense geodesic dome.
XIX: A teacher interrupting his brilliant pupil’s piano playing.
XX: Under a tree a tab le laden with nuts, berries, and other natural and raw foods.
XXI: A wizard is showing a young girl and her dog the way to the cave of the gnomes.
XXII: A scientist discovering new equations that more completely explain the nature of the universe.
XXIII: At a séance the room fills with the scent of roses and a consoling female voice.
XXIV: Searching for a lost friend a man lands on a remote island.
XXV: At the river, singing and purification by water.
XXVI: Within the shadowed part of the moon a tiny momentary flare of light is seen.
XXVII: A golden moon, newly arisen.
XXVIII: Statues and fountains at night in a summer garden.
XXIX: The shifting and modulating of light frequencies creating messages in color.
XXX: A seer, on his back and gazing into the sky, becomes a channel for cosmic messages.

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