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The Novile Aspect

The Novile Aspect

The Novile Aspect 150 150 John Sandbach

The novile aspect is one ninth of the zodiac, or 40 degrees. Everything I say here about the novile can also be applied to the bi-novile, which is 80 degrees, and the quadra-novile, which is 160 degrees. The tri-novile is not considered among this group because it is actually a trine.

The novile is that aspect which becomes a conjunction in the 9th harmonic. The Hindu astrologers say that the 9th harmonic is to the birth chart as the fruit is to the tree from which it grows. In other words, the ninth harmonic shows the future – what we are headed toward, what we are producing, what we are becoming. It is the goal of our chart.

If you read the 9th harmonic negatively, it can show what we might become in a negative sense, and thereby help us to know what sorts of things to avoid.

It is also possible to look at transits to the 9th harmonic. This will signify ways in which we are being pulled forward. For example, if Saturn transits a conjunction to the 9th harmonic Sun it can signify a time when we are learning to focus more on goals and to bring them down to earth, maybe make them more practical. How does this differ from
Saturn transiting a conjunction to the natal Sun? When the natal Sun is transited by Saturn we are being forcibly made to examine goals and bring them more in alignment with spirit (Saturn being the most spiritual of the planets). When Saturn transits the Sun of the 9th harmonic there is a pull toward doing this – it is a possibility, but will remain a possibility unless we take the opportunity to actualize it. In other words, the 9th harmonic transits show the potential of progress – openings or opportunities which we ourselves need to actualize.

The Hindu astrologers also say that the 9th harmonic signifies the marriage partner, and can be thought of as the chart of our ideal mate. It makes sense that the person who we would be most attracted to would carry the same energy as our goals. Just as we are pulled through time toward what we are becoming, we are pulled to people whose energy will help us to become that.

This does not mean that our mate has to have a chart which exactly matches our ninth harmonic, but I have found that there is often a very strong resonance between the charts of people we are attracted to and our 9th harmonic.

Back to the novile: This aspect signifies energy that we are fostering in our being, energy that we need to make part of ourselves. Example: I have Nepune novile Mars. I am learning to allow my actions (Mars) to be guided more and more by my intuition (Neptune). A significant concept to remember with noviles is that they have a quality of inevitability – they ARE your destiny. So if I don’t allow my actions (Mars) to be guided more and more by my intuition, my actions may become chaotic, confused, unfocused – all negative Neptunian traits. In other words, as time goes on the novile will manifest – one way or the other.

Another example is my friend Sandra having Sun and Saturn novile Jupiter. In this lifetime she’s growing into shining her light and her sense of life’s purpose (Sun) in a generous, enthusiastic (Jupiter) way that can dispel the depression and cynicism of others. She’s also learning patience and perseverance (qualities of the Jupiter/Saturn combination), the ability to be disciplined and persistent in standing up for what she believes, and living it (once, again, qualities of the Jupiter/Saturn combination) Now: A VERY IMPORTANT POINT: of these two noviles in her chart, the Sun/Jupiter, and the Jupiter/Saturn, the Jupiter/Saturn one is 38 MINUTES CLOSER, AND IS THE CLOSEST ONE IN HER CHART. Whenever determining the power of an aspect, you always take into account which one is the closest. So the predominant fruit that the tree of her chart is producing is JUPITER/SATURN, which always signifies taking a moral stance, talking the talk and walking the walk – living it, baby. So you go, girl!

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