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Exploring the Signs

Exploring the Signs

Exploring the Signs 150 150 John Sandbach

One of the biggest hurdles an astrologer has to overcome is getting a few ideas about each sign and then sticking to those without ever exploring them further. The truth is that every sign is a world in itself and contains endless possibilities for exploration. So the more an astrologer knows about each sign the more his or her readings can access those realms of richness and possibility.

Let’s take the sign Pisces, for instance. As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is the culmination of all that has gone before. And just as Pisces completes the cycle of the signs, Pisces itself yearns to live this completeness, to experience the totality of existence. And this is exactly why Pisces can be a sign which lacks focus, for it is a sign about EVERYTHING, in a sense, rather than ANYTHING in particular. And Pisces is very accepting. How could it not be? For if you don’t accept something you leave it out. And Pisces leaves nothing out. Of course this openness to everything can cause it to be scattered, maybe fragmented, and seemingly without center.

What benefits Pisces most is finding a meaningful center for itself, finding something it can dedicate itself to. A Pisces who consecrates themselves to a life purpose is a fulfilled Pisces.

The planet that rules goals and having a purpose is the Sun. So when the Sun is in Pisces it helps the sign immensely by giving it a focus and sense of purpose.

Pisces rules the ocean, and when I think of the Sun in Pisces I think of the Sun’s rays filling the ocean depths with light, and nourishing all the thousands of life forms found therein.

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