Azoth is an epic poem by John Sandbach. It tells the story of the alchemical creation of the most important homunculus ever to be born in the land of Aab. Her name is Azorma, and to make her first a proper laboratory must be created, a laboratory pure enough to support her essence. This laboratory is the Isle of Azoth, created by the famed Alchemist Israak of Aab. And so, one wonders, is Azoth itself […]


Zahira…An illusion escapes from a museum. An alchemist finds an egg in a dream. An ancient poetess is summoned as midwife. This is how it began, the birth of the woman known as Zahira. What was she, and where had she come from? They were all connected, the illusion, the egg, the sanctum known as Nightforest with the gigantic maze on its floor, and the three mysterious people hidden in the forest. These and many […]

A Painter

“I have never written a book that has come to me in such piecemeal fashion as this one, which has led me to believe that I am not the only one who wrote it, and that there were, throughout its making, other forces with particular agendas they wished to express, forces who were guiding me all along in its formation. And because of this, as well as for other reasons I feel that the completed” […]

Black Moon of the Yakir

David is a scientist. He has gone to Ozarks to take possession of a cabin which his aunt Opal willed to him. There he meets her best friend Nan, an elderly eccentric mystic who pulls him into a web of intrigue involving a supernatural creature whose tomb was recently broken open by an earthquake.Is any of this real? Who can he believe? Faster and faster the mystery unfolds which involves Celtic magic, vampirism and a dangerous psychopath […]