Midpoints: A Kabbalistic Compendium of Meanings for Astrological Midpoints


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Midpoints are a major tool for an astrological interpretation. Until now there has been very little written on the subject, the main book being Reinhold Ebertin’s “Combination of Stellar Influences” which is highly limited, has little depth, and which is focused on events and outer occurrences rather than psychology.

“Midpoints : A Kabbalistic Compendium of Meanings for Astrological Midpoints” approaches this subject of midpoints from an inner world perspective and delivers insightful interpretations for all of the planetary midpoints, as well as combinations for Chiron, the Ascendant, Midheaven and Moon’s Node. This ground-breaking book is a must have for the practicing astrologer as well as all astrological students.

Included in the book are meanings for 91 astrological combinations and 1,092 midpoints.

The Circular Temple

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This book was written over a period of many years. It consists of 1,440 pictorial symbols which I, John Sandbach, channeled. The symbols are expressed in words rather than visual pictures, and divided into 4 groups, each one containing 360 symbols.

In all 4 groups each of the 360 symbols corresponds to one of the 360 degrees of the zodiac. Therefore each degree of the zodiac corresponds to four different symbols, one from each group. These four different groups are known as the Omega Symbols, the Pleiadian Symbols, the Chandra Symbols, and the Azoth Symbols.

The book has three main purposes: (1) it can be used by astrologers to interpret charts, by looking up the specific degree of each planet in a chart. (2) It can be used by anyone as an oracle, by asking a question and then randomly drawing one of the degrees of the zodiac to answer the question. (3) The degrees can be read in order or at random as meditations on spiritual principles and the interplay of subtle energies.

“The Circular Temple” has been called a modern “I Ching.” For those of you unfamiliar with this work, the “I Ching” is an ancient Chinese book consisting of 64 pictorial symbols known as “hexagrams” which the Chinese consulted by randomly picking one to answer a specific question.

You may also think of “The Circular Temple” as a kind of tarot deck, for it is meant to be used for the same purpose as the tarot is used – the answering of questions. The difference is that whereas the Tarot contains 78 cards, you may think of “The Circular Temple” as containing 360 different cards.

The Chinese had several methods of consulting their oracle, that is, of selecting one of the 64 “hexagrams” of the “I Ching.” One method was through engaging in a ritual of tossing coins in a particular pattern to see if they came up as “heads” or “tails.” This pattern was then used to select the “hexagram.”

Degree Analyses Part II: Chandra Symbols in the Horoscope

(Two Volumes)

Published by Seek-It Publications, Rochester, MI.

This is a technical work meant as a textbook for practicing astrologers.

The dwadashamsas are 2 and one-half degree spaces of the zodiac and divide each sign into 12 parts. They are used extensively in Indian Astrology. This book is based on the dwadashamsa rulerships developed by Carl Payne Toby. Volume two gives psychic images for each of the dwadashamsas, and introduces the reader to the Chandra Symbols, the first set of degree images channeled by Sandbach, and which became the basis for his monumental text “The Circular Temple,” which contains four sets of degree symbols and which appears on his website in the form of an oracle.

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The astrologer Ellias Lonsdale has written an elaboration of volume two of my work. His book is called Inside Degrees (published by North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA). His book and mine describe an extremely powerful technique known as degree astrology, a method used by the ancient Vedic astrologers of India that is based on a psychic pictorial image for each degree of the zodiac. I use degree astrology in all my readings to uncover karmic patterns in the chart, revealing much information that is hidden and subtle about you.

Planetary Containments: A Study of 990 Combinations

published by Seek-It Publications, Rochester, MI

This is also a text for practicing astrologers. It describes a simple technique first found by French practitioners, and is the only extensive work ever written on the subject.

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Planetary Containment is the simple and easy technique of looking at which planets are the closest on either side to any particular planet. This is a powerful and neglected astrological technique that can reveal much about a person and can be used to enhance and enrich all other astrological techniques. This is the only book to ever explore this subject extensively.

Astrology, Alchemy, and the Tarot

published by Seek-It Publications, Rochester, MI

This is a metaphysical explanation of the relationship of the astrological planets and signs to the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

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The twenty-two chapters of this book describe the deeper significance of each planet and sign and how these relate to the twenty-two Major Arcana of the Tarot. The writing is simple yet profound. Its concepts can be used not only to enhance one’s Tarot readings but also to deepen and enrich one’s astrological interpretations. The book ends with a long metaphysical poem called “Aandar’s Jewelled Garden.”