• Oracle

    • * Virgo-12


      Degree Angel: CALIEL (KA-lee-EL) Fertility, Justice, Transforming/Sensitive




      Omega Symbol: To test her fears, a woman takes a walk alone at night in a graveyard.


      You are attracted to the dark, the negative, and the discordant. These places of density and suffering are yours to explore, for you have the ability to bring the light of harmony and love into the worst of situations. You will be protected in this as long as you remain centered in your faith, and the truth that attunement to your higher self offers you complete protection.


      Pleiadian Symbol: The wind blows away a woman’s veil.


      The sudden and unexpected revealing of true identity.  You bring things out into the open spontaneously, even when you might not have meant to.  Your enery induces hidden things to open up and so promotes connection that happens in a quick, often startling manner.


      Chandra Symbol: A dog sniffing a dead animal.


      You are acutely aware of the forces of entropy and decay – the way everything eventually winds down, loses energy, and falls apart. If you struggle against this inappropriately, you might wear yourself out in futile efforts to fix things that need to be let go of and allowed to disintegrate. On the other hand, There are other instances in which your insights as to what is going wrong can be invaluable and used as a basis to effect renewal and rejuvenation.


      You can help others over their fear of change (once you overcome it), and help them to resolve themselves to what is beyond them to fix, as well as inspire a positive attitude toward change and revival in other contexts.


      Azoth Symbol: A lightning bolt strikes an open palm bringing new life to a man.


      The re-energizing of the power of giving and receiving which revitalizes the self.  You have the ability to receive the full force of whatever the forces of nature are trying to give to you, and this can directly induce others to be more receptive themselves.


      Seed Degree: Leo – 18


      A man walks into the pages of a novel. (Omega Symbol). Allowing our imagination to carry us wherever it wants to, it will inevitably go to those places where fears need to be released.


      A rose bush. Many buds, but no flowers. (Chandra Symbol). Knowing that all life moves in cycles, we are freed from the fear of death, for we sense that its a necessary part of consciousness entering the world of phenomena.


      Fulfillment Degree: Pisces – 14


      Unconcerned with how he is going to escape, a man explores an infinite library. (Omega Symbol). The clearing of fears opens an untold number of doors to greater and greater realms of understanding and possibility.


      After a feast, much uneaten food remains on the plates. (Chandra Symbol). Accepting loss as a necessary part of being a part of any energy system, we come to automatically take only that which will truly satiate us.


      Omega Oracle


      They had misled her: There were no people here. Only bodies changing form. She could feel them – no, not the bodies – the molds and microbes and worms enjoying themselves as they gorged on the rich nutrients. The owners of the bodies were all off in many different sorts of places, some rather near, others at unimaginable distances. They knew not of her presence, nor cared.


      She’d chosen a full moon for her visit, so that she might find her way more easily. She walked softly through the moving tree shadows amongst the stones with their carvings of names. Strange how names continue to hold their shape, as the things they name keep forever changing.